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CTOPP2, WRAT4/5, TOMAL etc Dyslexia Assessment Tests needed

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by emmadavid, Mar 18, 2019.

  1. emmadavid

    emmadavid New commenter

    Hi guys I am currently training to be a dyslexia assessor and I need to purchase the dyslexia assessment tools.
    I just can't afford to purchase them all brand new. If anyone is selling any could you email me please angelgabe3@gmail.com

    Or know anywhere that I can loan or purchase them for slightly cheaper?

    Thanks Emma
  2. lizzielh

    lizzielh New commenter

    where are you based? Could you google someone who assesses near you and ask for their help?
  3. SayItLikeItIs

    SayItLikeItIs Occasional commenter

    My training provider lent students these items for a limited period. Our timings were staggered so that no two trainees needed the tests at the same time.

    But you could try contacting your local Patoss group as some of them keep libraries of these tests for loan.
    newteachersept likes this.
  4. emmadavid

    emmadavid New commenter

    I am at a large university which is quite far away, the university has too many students on it and for my last assessment I only got three of the assessment tools I needed 3 days before my assessment was due to be submitted so not ideal.
    I will try the Patoss group idea but I assume I would need to be registered, do they allow students?
    It is becoming so stressful.
  5. emmadavid

    emmadavid New commenter

    I am in Bolton, Manchester
  6. LaraLeeds

    LaraLeeds New commenter

    Hi, I have a WRAT 4 to sell. Would you like to email me a.oz@leedsbeckett.ac.uk. I may have some other stuff to sell/ give you.

    Regards, Andrea
  7. hughesa

    hughesa New commenter

    Hi Andrea,
    Are you still selling WRAT 4 or has it gone?
  8. LauraJay88

    LauraJay88 New commenter

    I have a WRAT 4 for sale :)
  9. 1801jo

    1801jo New commenter

    Is this still for sale?
  10. LauraJay88

    LauraJay88 New commenter

    No sorry, it’s gone
  11. Karanlous

    Karanlous New commenter

    I have a WRAT4 for sale.
  12. Karanlous

    Karanlous New commenter

    Is WRAT4 still required. I have one for sale.

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