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Discussion in 'Further Education' started by brittsamuels, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. Hi, I completed my PTLLS last summer and have just started CTLLS. Finding it a little daunting at the moment. Recent family commitments have hindered my motivation. If anyone has completed CTLLS and wouldn't mind me having a look at your assignments/lesson plans, please get in touch. I have been very lucky to have been offered some classroom hours, exciting but very scary. Has anybody got any advise, words of encouragement would be good. Hope to hear from someone soon.
    Appreciate your help
  2. HOW ABOUT DONT CHEAT! helpful enough britt! if you cant do it then find another profession
  3. Well done on completing your PTLLS and progressing to CTLLS. Completing courses like this are difficult, at certain times in our lives and we all need help, at whatever stage of study. My advice would be to look for a mentor in your college, who may be able to help you. I have two mentors for my study, plus two supervisors, plus library assistants, plus a student group we developed to help each other, plus the learning support offered by the university.
    Academics are expected to find legitimate knowledge e.g. in peer review journals - this is just other peoples' assignments, that have been legitimised through a peer review process. I can also enter the university library and look at other people's PhD studies, this is accepted as good practice. You will find that you are surrounded by knowledge, check out IfL web site, government websites in your field, use Google scholar to search for access to certain journals and papers, get yourself a philosophical dictionary to explain some of the words (Penguin Books £10), ask the librarian how to use the search engines and journal sites, think of yourself as an investigator and go for it, you can do it.
    Good Luck![​IMG]

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