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CTLLS Funding??

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by The Pobble, Sep 14, 2012.

  1. If you are teaching why is your employer not paying?
    If they run a course they pull in funding for you and for the course.
    If they send you somewhere it is normally done at cost, your employer can pull down £400 and the teaching college gets its funding for having you as a student.
    I have no idea why anyone in a teaching post should pay for P/C/DTLLS, PGCE or similar.
    I paid for the first part of my cert as I worked for a charity, but as soon as I started teaching my employer paid, just as they are currently paying for a number of colleagues presently.
  2. No Pobble, funding for CTLLS alone has been eliminated.

  3. Really?????
    Good grief! What numpty thought that one up? How in earth are people supposed to swap into FE from industries now?
    Oh I give in! How do you get funding? Jump to the DTLLS - which makes the whole progression of certification null and void!

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