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CSP Booklet

Discussion in 'Media studies' started by PearlGreyTea, Feb 26, 2019.

  1. PearlGreyTea

    PearlGreyTea New commenter

    Hi All,

    I'm putting together a cheat's guide to the CSP Booklet and will be filling in the answers over the next couple of weeks. I anyone wants to contribute I'm happy to make this a shared resource:


    I've found the whole course a bit of a struggle and, whilst I am enjoying the content, it's a bit of a push to get the skills and content covered in time. I would love to speak to other teachers and share resources!

    Thanks in advance,
    jocadari likes this.
  2. darcie32

    darcie32 New commenter

    Hi Kim,

    I think it is amazing. I would be happy to help!
  3. pinkylulu

    pinkylulu New commenter

    Im gutted that this is for GCSE! I was after an A Level one. This looks great tho.
  4. jocadari

    jocadari New commenter

    This looks amazing. I've been drafted in to teach a Y11 group and get them back on track with their AQA GCSE Media course after their previous teacher suddenly left the school.

    I've a background career in media, but am now an English specialist. I'm waiting to get my hands on all the materials e.g. access to the relevant CSPs. They are behind on everything so I HAVE to quickly assimilate and prioritise. ANY insight from media colleagues would be very welcome! I'm also taking on the Y10 group, but the autumn Y11 mocks are looming! Many thanks in advance!

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