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#CSEdResearchBookClub - Research on Emergency Remote Teaching

Discussion in 'Teaching & Learning' started by jlisaw8, May 5, 2020.

  1. jlisaw8

    jlisaw8 New commenter

    We (Computing at School Research Working Group and Queen Mary University of London) host an online book club each first Thursday of the month on hangouts. We read something on computing education research and talk about it. We are a mixture of teachers (primary and secondary) and researchers.

    We start on twitter - and then join the hangout. This week - 7th May at 8:15pm GMT (after the clap for NHS) we are reading and talking about two research items about teaching online.
    One is a blog - written by a group of academics - called The difference between Emergency Remote Teaching and Online Learning

    The second is a research paper called The specific skills required of teachers who deliver K-12 distance education courses by synchronous video conference (You can access for free by using the green button on the right hand side of the journal page - as a sample.)

    You can just come along and listen. Or please do read and come and take part. Look at #csedresearchbookclub on twitter or join our Facebook page to find out more. Or email me directly j.l.waite@qmul.ac.uk

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