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CSE maths. How easy was it?

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by Anna-Luise, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. I picked up a 1978 CSE textbook in Oxfam.

    CSE Mathematics 1 The Core Course by A Greer

    I thought people might be interested in some of the questions.


    (a) 4x^2-9y^2

    (b) 21x^2+37x+10
    Find the values of

    (a) 27^(1/3)

    (b) 5^2 x 5 ^ (1/2) x 5 ^ (3/2)

    (c) 3^-4


    1/x + 1/3x
    If the logarithm of 5.444 is 0.7359 the logarithm of 544400 is (multiple choice).

    The curved surface of a cone has an area of 20.5cm^2. What is the curved surface area of a similar cone whose height is 1.5 times as great as the first cone?

    I'll just list a few more topics that may be surprising.
    Solving simultaneous equations by inverting a 2x2 matrix
    Transformations including glide reflections.

    This isn't foundation GCSE or even intermediate. Surely this is higher GCSE material these days.
  2. Those are certainly on the Higher sylabus I'm currently teaching. My year 10 class have targets of A's and B's and I would expect them to struggle with most of that. We've just covered factorising quadratics and I would say only the pupils on target for an A would be able to factorise both of those. They could probably all do the algebraic fractions though, for some reason they've found that topic far easier.
  3. I was teaching both GCE and CSE at the time and remember the book by A. Greer. He/she was a well-known and much respected author but I felt that he lacked experience in teaching Maths to the less able. I agree that you need to see the relevant exam papers before assuming that that depth of understanding was required. My memory is that the exam papers were similar to current GCSE papers and, unlike GCE papers, in that the candidates were led step-by-step through the questions.
  4. My CSE certificate has on the back notes about each Grade. Grade 3 CSE was what they expected the average 16 year old to achieve.
  5. PaulDG

    PaulDG Occasional commenter

    At the end of the course.

    (i.e., the "expected level" for a 16 year old who had been studying the subject for the normal 2 year period for CSE courses (what we'd now call KS4, obviously) was "Grade 3" (though I remember it being Grade 4).

    This should approximate to GCSE grade E.)
  6. Yes, Paul you are right. Grade 4 says "average"....Grade 3 notes say "above average". I had misremembered - I've just looked again.

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