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CSA query..

Discussion in 'Personal' started by psalm23, Dec 27, 2010.

  1. ...I have a private agreement with father of my children, I asked him recently to consider increasing it as it has been this amount for 2 years...was refused, not politely! I have no idea how much he is earning...I wondered about asking the CSA to claim maintenance for me, but a friend warned me that they would take a certain amount from the claim and I could end up worse off..is that true that the CSA take a ceratin percentage?
  2. chicabonita

    chicabonita New commenter

    I don't know if they take a cut but it is true that they can assess at a lower rate than your private agreement is set at. Without knowing how much he earns I don't suppose you'd be able to calculate whether your current rate is better or worse than they would ask him to pay!
    It seems a shame that he's not willing to discuss the amount, though- is there anyone who could maybe act as a go-between for the two of you if you are really struggling? Or perhaps he could buy specific things, like school shoes, if you're feeling the squeeze?
  3. zee-bra

    zee-bra New commenter

    They do not take a cut. They get you 15% of gross income for one child. Not sure what happens with more than one child. They would be good to use if your ex is PAYE on a regular income. They are not so good if your ex is self employed or on benefits and you will end up with virtually nothing but if wage is regular they are a good idea.
  4. Thanks ...when I worked out how much maintenance I should be receiving based on his salary from over 3 years ago when we separated I should be receiving considerably more - i agreed to a lower amount for 2 years as he didn't make a claim on any furniture so I felt it fair for him to be able to furnish his home, that period of time came to an end a couple of months ago and yes I am starting to feel the squeeze...everything except the mortgage has gone up and is going up, I'm really not into sqeezing every little penny out of him but am rather annoyed that he was so rude about it and refuses to disclose his income to me.
  5. I had to ask the CSA to become involved six years ago when I became the sole carer for my two children. I cannot remember the exact figures but I think it was about 20% of net income for the two children. There is no fee deducted from the CSA.
    The critical thing from my point of view was that I would never have seen a penny if I had not had the CSA with their ability to take the due money directly from the employer. This is invaluable and the decision to engage the CSA is one that I have never regretted.
  6. Si N. Tiffick

    Si N. Tiffick Occasional commenter

    They've never managed to get much out of my ex...there are many ways for parents to get out of paying the CSA if they know the tricks, despite what the headlines say.
  7. You can go on the csa website for information, apparently the csa. N make them pay up, but it could be years in arrears. My other half earns 45k and the csa would say that he should pay 100 pe week, he pays considerably more.
  8. With CSA you're entitled to 15% of his income for one child; 20% for 2 and 25% for 3 or more; after tax, ni, pension deductions. They'll also take into account any regular payments he makes that can benefit the child(ren) such as if he pays for the mortgage on the house they live in. If he has regulat overnighr care of children he'll have his maintenance reduced by 1/7 for one night per week, 2/7 for 2 nights etc (or the equivalent - e.g. 2 nights every other week) - but it has to be overnight, not just during the day. The more information you can give about him the better - if they get in touch with his empoloyers maintenance can be taken directly from his salary if neccesary.
    It can work very smoothly, but unfortunately CSA rely so heavily on their computer systems that a glitch in one (happened frequently when I worked there) can mean your case is held up for several months. May be worth getting the assessment to find out what you're entitled to, and taking that information to him to work something out privately?
  9. Thanks for that - will try to find the courage to sort this! He's so unpleasant with me as it is , being forced to paying me any more would proably make him even more unpleasant.
  10. Si N. Tiffick

    Si N. Tiffick Occasional commenter

    If the ex is awkward it can be held up for years. I'm still waiting (and pestering the CSA monthly) after 6 years. They expect ME to be able to tell them his salary etc. Strangely enough, I'm not in possession of these facts and it seems beyond them to get them from his employer (a friend of my ex). It took them nearly 3 years to come up with an assessment because of some computer error on my file, then he spent the next 2 years challenging them on various points of the assessment, and now what he does is just not pay them. They allow him a month before he gets a reminder, then a month for another reminder, then they send a threat, so he pays up a little bit, and the whole cycle starts again. They won't recover the paments from his work because he is being seen to pay something on a semi regular basis. They say they are not going to try to recoup his arrears as they are so much now. It's a wonderful system (!) I can understand why they are costing more in admin than they are retrieving from the absent dads.

    If there is any way to sort it without the CSA, I'd advise that.

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