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CS hourly rates dropping?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by pedigree, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. IF you are a fully qualified and registered GTCE teacher (for the present until it is abolished), never ever accept work from any agency as and unqualfied person i.e. TA CS or whatever!
    Totally unacceptable, appalling and disgraceful.
    We as fully teachers must say NO loudly, clearly and continually until the message sinks into manipulative skulls.

  2. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    That's fine by me as long as you can pay me the £90 a day I'd be missing by refusing such work. I don't plan to make a habit of it but something is better than nothing, and if it gets my foot in the door of potential future employers then there's no point in being proud or snotty about it.

    Most of the time I work to scale but there's not work available every day.
  3. I think that we have to accept the new arrangements, at least in the medium term. We can protest, but things are not likely to change because of the significant pressure Education put on the national budget. There is also the fact of academies. Effectively, we are dealing with a lot of autonomous businesses.One way forward would be to use the changes in schooling to introduce a different approach to cover. We need to provide schools with a professional and reliable service that they can tap into easily. At present, they may not know who will be turning up to cover. We can change that. It will mean setting up a consortium and negotiating with schools, but they need some ownership in the scheme too. The problems are the agencies and the less than enthusiastic supply teachers.I feel a business venture coming on.
  4. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    £11.79 an hour plus 12% holiday pay x 6.5 hours = £85.83 Agency CS rate, Agency paid.

    However, the hourly rate has now dropped to £10.71, hence the original post.

    Same agency's flat rate is currently £18.52 per hour, giving £134.83 a day, slightly less than MPS M4

    Last summer, and earlier this school year, the same agency was paying me TO SCALE through the agency's payroll system. I have the payslips to prove it. I'm UPS U3, so scale matters to me.

    I also get paid to scale by some schools in two LEAs, with the assignments arranged by the agency, who charge an admin fee on top of the scale rate.

    Sorry to disappoint.
  5. Where in the country are you MSB? It's not at all typical. I've been offered an indeterminate period in a PRU by an agency for £95 per day. I'm assuming that includes some sort of premium.
  6. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    North of Watford and I don't work in any major cities. The agency is a national one and has a contract with the local LEA for providing supply cover, but not all schools use them. In the interests of online anonymity I'm not prepared to be more detailed than that, and Forum terms & conditions prevent me from naming the agency.

    I accept it's the exception, but it makes you realise the extent of the exploitation by some cheaper agencies. If you were on M1-M4 of the MPS, this agency would effectively be paying you to scale via its flat rate, although (of course) they don't have work available every day.
  7. Now the rot has truly set in. Many qualified and registered teachers were advised not to accept rates of pay at unqualified rates REPEATEDLY!!!!!!!
    And you were one of those that actually congratulated yourself by accepting CS rates!
    It seems that the once totallly unacceptable has now becoming the "norm"????????[​IMG]
    How stupid and unacceptable is that! JUST SAY NO, NO NO AND NO AGAIN AND AGAIN!!!
    Rubbish and double standards about"online anonymity". Just tell it as it is....!
  8. Why have you so eagerly and haughtily accepted CS rates when you are a fully qualified and registered teacher?
  9. Now with so many qualified and registered teachers accepting? CS jobs we now have one big SORRY MESS?
    • Are agencies imposing lower rates of pay on CS's?
    • Are agencies forcing qualified teachers who have been paid as qualified supply teachers in the past to now accept the "latest" CS rate for the day?
    • Are unqualified staff e.g. TAs now paid at an "unqualfied" CS rate determined by the agency?
    • Who determines the highly dubious role? agency or school?
    • Do we not now have a rate for qualified teachers?
    • Are agencies thinking of actually abolishing the role of qualified cover/supply teacher?
    Utterly ridiculous, crooked and corrupt thinking that goes completely against the notion of teacher professionalism![​IMG] Just withdraw your services from such agencies/employers and stop the bullying and exploitation!

  10. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    You appear to imply in an earlier post that you (a qualified and registered teacher) accept a local agency's so-called 'premium' supply rate of £100 a day. That's only about £15 a day more than what I was paid for the a dozen odd days of CS work I did. You willingly accept that rate whilst banging on endlessly at me for accepting measly CS pay.

    This huge gaping gulf between your higher principles and my base and whorish ones appears to amount to 15 quid a day.

    You'll be comforted to know however that I recently turned down a low Academy flat rate in one school in favour of being paid for a month's work to scale in another, all arranged via an Agency. At least for a few weeks I would like to think I am above criticism.

    Not that it'll stop you I'm sure.
  11. Pennyforyourthoughts

    Pennyforyourthoughts Occasional commenter

    Magic Surf Bus.... consider yourself lucky to be in an area where the LEA is still able to have a say in the employment and conditions of supply personnel even if that is through a contracted Agency you get paid to scale. So paid to scale for a Cover Supervisor is £85 per day if you were employed through another agency not attached to the LEA you would most probably be on £50 a day ... what would your reaction be then. Who is to say that you might not be in that situation in the coming weeks when the government has all but taken control of not only the school budgets but also that of your local LEA.
    As supply working in areas where the LEAs have already cut themselves off from the responsibility of ensuring all supply staff can work and received their due pay to scale and retain the ability to contribute to their pensions ...we have to make serious judgements as to what work is available, what is likely to come your way in any one week and what is the amount of income you need to have in any one week to make ends meet. It often is a compromise to take half days, and for some, consider the option of taking up the offer of cover supervisor work. I have not yet been in the position where I have to consider this............BUT I am aware that I may be soon. What will my decision be........ I will let you all know if and when it happens as at the moment I am inclined to say I would say NO ..... but if circumstances mean that I have to get work then............. thats what I will do. In a recession we have to do what we have to do to make ends meet.
  12. Magic Surf Bus seems very happy with his work "commitments" (VERY SMUG) as a former member of an SMT team but the CS role is a most dubious one and it is actually not about simply money!!!!! Why don't you tear up your PGCE and tear up all your degrees. In fact don't even bother documenting them in your CV...just tear it all up and shred the lot. Why not even tear up your proof of GTCE registration????
    As "albertdog" once said should a trained, fully qualified and registered medical doctor now accept work as a nursing assistant/auxillary because agencies say so or because in this so called economic recession some are still profiteering and hiding/behaving in unprincipled ways?
    Of course not???? Or do we all have to agree with the twisted, crooked thinking employed bullies who currently CONTROL BUDGETS out there????
  13. Pedigree, you know that down here we get raped especially hard. £85-£100 is all you're going to get as a fully qualified with an agency and if you don't like it, you can foxtrot oscar, there are plenty who will.

    Sadly, there are plenty who will, which is why the Boycott Esso! Boycott CS!, Boycott XYZ, does nothing apart from shoots you in the foot. Instead of getting angry about it, go and get a gun and start shooting some chumps.
  14. No one is actually quibbling about £80 to £100/day!!!
    It is the unfairness of being offered the unqualified rate of less than £50/day in the dubious role of CS!!! Get it![​IMG]

  15. Sorry, I thought we were talking about £85ish being the CS rate. £50 a day is non-starter. No way jose. £50 cash in hand then OK. £50 before tax. No.
  16. Do not make the same mistake as Nick Gibb (a Minister for Education) who was asked in the Commons about the use of unqualified staff for teaching but replied by only referring to unqualified teachers. Unqualified teachers can teach but unqualified staff such as Cover Supervisors should only be supervising.

  17. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    I just thought pedigree and chums would be delighted to know I was currently working to scale and not selling out yet again as a CS. There's no pleasing some people.

    Wooooah now hold on a minute. You can say what you like about my apparent lack of principles but if you ever imply again that I was ever part of SMT I'll have to invite you into the car park.

    For what it's worth even I draw the line at £75 a day or less. I can earn that or more than by listing junk on eBay or doing a car boot sale. If that's all that's available I'll quit education and look for another job.

    And yes, I accept and recognise that I am very fortunate being where I am and working for whom I work for, and I also accept it may not last forever. When the income drops below a certain level I will most definitely be bailing out. I'm just getting a little weary of being routinely lambasted by certain individuals because I choose to work for slightly fewer peanuts than they do.

    Anyway, if qualifications is what it's all about, do my most strident critics refuse to teach specialist subjects that they're not actually qualified or experienced enough to teach, or is that a whole new can of worms? I know **** all about Chemistry, and failed it at 'O' level but I wouldn't turn down a day's Science cover because of that minor detail.
  18. Yet more dimwitted arguments from obtuse MPs! Unqualified staff should NEVER HAVE BEEN USED AS COVER "teachers" from 2004. Call them whatever i.e. TA, CS, HLSA, HLTA, etc etc etc etc ...It is simply UNACCEPTABLE, WRONG AND UNDERMINING OF THE ENTIRE TEACHING PROFESSION!!!!!

    Thanks Bronco for the reference...

  19. historygrump

    historygrump Star commenter Forum guide

    I agree with both pedigree and Bronco that MP's have lost touch with the real world, they and the esteem civil servants in the Dept of Education just quote the same old lines. There are a shortage of teachers, especially in London and the regions that is why we must use the unqualified non-teachers and not ban them, or schools know the rules on the use of instructors, which are....... and schools would not break these rules and the best is it is upto the HT to use his or her staff as they see fit. Which contradicts the previous statement and could also apply to CS and TA's as well. Even best was the quote from either Nick Gibb or his ministerial colleague with the Dept of Education, whose name I forget, who said 'If I was a school, I would rather employ a physics graduate from Cambridge, rather then a qualified physics teacher'.
    Also on the opinion forum some teachers are talking about a protest march in March and not the one planned for April, in which permanent employed (if I have read it right) are protesting about pay and conditions. It is alright for these people to protest about their conditions, but when are they going to stand up for the supply and unemployed (including the thousands of NQT's) teachers struggling for work. Are these people just as bad as the politicians and the unethical HT's, for standing up for the teaching profession?
  20. Seriously Pedigree, do you sit waiting for someone to mention cover supervisor? All this poison vitriol you're spouting is a bit tiresom.

    change the record sunshine.

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