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Crossword anyone?

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by Crusty Potty Brains, May 23, 2009.

  1. Agree those three, found nemo.
    Took me a while to cotton on to 'inane' for 25 ac [​IMG]
    "How movie ends is unimaginative" (5)
  2. 1ac enthusiast?
    13ac taverna
    10ac in-law
    24ac April Fool
  3. 19 dn = 'carafe'
    20 dn = 'defect'
    27 ac = 'astringent'
    23 ac = 'grimace'
    Agree your four, found nemo. Was distracted by the Carpenter movie.

  4. Took a break to dye hair!
    11ac Overboard? Is that a film?
    5d sweet
  5. 7d chairman
  6. Anyone???
    15d cries wolf
    17ac Alpha centauri
    23ac rehearsal
    14ac airs and graces
  7. 1a nectar
    4a adjacent
    9a screen
    11a dismissal
  8. My last one was 19 dn = 'unalike' (anagram)
    Time for an apéritif, bonsoir. [​IMG]
  9. Everyman 3367, out in the sun-kissed garden, [​IMG]
    with an ice-cool Pimms, and Miles bertween the ears... [​IMG]
    16 ac = 'Fuengirola'
    20 ac = 'one for the road'
    12 ac = 'entertainment'
    10 ac = 'atmosphere'
    Could this be cruciverbalist bliss? [​IMG]
  10. Hmm. In between planning next week's lessons...........
    5d: from the word go
    17d: roll-on
    14d: no go area
    (not jealous of your Pimms at all. No way)
  11. Complete with freshly picked mint from the herb garden...[​IMG]
    2 dn = 'stripper'
    3 dn = 'pimple'
    4 dn = 'strangle'
    To say nothing of the pure Pimms ice cubes...[​IMG]
    Agree all yours, found memo
  12. I would FAR rather be marking Year 9 test papers, honest....(eyes the chilling bottle of rose in the fridge.......).
    5ac: first minister
    9ac: plaice
    11ac: gape
  13. The only word I could work out for 1 dn is "arroyo" = gully.
    The only 'Fredericks' I could call to mind is 'Frankie', the sprinter.
    I'd forgotten Roy Fredericks, the former Windies left-hander.
  14. Missed a long anagram, 'recapitulated', for 7 dn.
  15. Just got that one too.
  16. 8ac: colonist?
  17. 6 d: in the same boat
  18. Agree those, found nemo.
    13 dn = 'together'
    16 dn = 'farrow'
    At this rate, we'll have finished before anyone else gets a look in.

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