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Crossword anyone?

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by Crusty Potty Brains, May 23, 2009.

  1. Thanks for 'canard'!
    Only 8d, 10ac and 27ac to go.
  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR from India
    21a - THEORISER
    22a - BRAVE
    27a - CRUSADER
  3. Was pondering 'crusader'!
  4. 8d - ABERDEEN

  5. 10a - MOUSSE
  6. Thanks! Done now, better go and do some work!
  7. Good night from India
  8. Happy New Year, deepakgita.
    My last one was 4 dn = 'Sampson Brass'
    Time for an apéritif, bonsoir.
  9. 3358 is a tough one
    1D - ACCEPT
    2D - LENGTH
  10. It is!
    1ac; Auld Reekie
    22ac: Russian roulette
    12ac; put the squeeze on
  11. 16D - LACROSSE
    17D - TEESSIDE
  12. 4d;Ernest Hemingway
    18ac: ahead
    14d: red biddy
    19A - MOTOWN
    25A - DINETTE
  14. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    I've posted ours already but the Down one with 4 words in top right hand side is :
    There's No Business Like Show Business.
    The Across one with clue starting "Motion initially ..." is MOTOWN

  15. Jubilee,
    How in heavens did you guess that with the 8,8,8,8 enumeration?
  16. Need 24A to wind up

  17. 24ac: Skiddaw
  18. Thanks Nemo,
  19. Off to a flying start in Everyman 3360, with
    3 dn = 'upwardly mobile'
    9 dn = 'above suspicion'
    6 ac = 'scar'
    8 dn = 'Rod Laver'
  20. Afternoon. Slow going with this one.
    18ac headmistress
    16d chaplain
    14ac Aladdins cave

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