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Crossword anyone?

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by Crusty Potty Brains, May 23, 2009.

  1. Two long anagrams to start Everyman 3345.
    14 ac = 'Scottish Terrier'
    16 ac = 'Chester-le-Street'
  2. 10 ac = hold up
  3. 15 d = inebriate
  4. Anyone still around? A late start for me today!
    6d: pioneer
    7d: hydra
    8d; top secret
    25ac: natter

  5. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    1a) engineer
    9a) transept
    19a) infantile

    1d) extra
    2d) Gladstone
    3d) nascent
    17d) tonsure

  6. 4d; express train?
    14d: sacristan
    20d: Faust
  7. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    26a) idolatry
    24a) conclave
    13a) exonerate
  8. Two long-ish anagrams to start Everyman 3346.
    12 dn = 'thistledown'
    22 ac = 'Ethiopian'
  9. 5d - KISS OF DEATH
  10. Hello, deepakgita! Agree those two.
    1 dn = 'acid test'
    14 ac = 'spellbinding'
  11. 25a - TARRAGON
    26a - SIMILE
  12. I'm very confused as the version I'm looking at has answers not matching the grid! E.g. the clue for 'tarragon' is 24ac (where the answer is clearly Ethiopian).
  13. http://www.guardian.co.uk/crosswords/everyman/3349
    Back again!
    Starting off with:
    20ac: Arbroath smokie
    1d: dill
    17d: sabbath
  14. Happy New Year to one and all!
    Everyman 3355, 2 anagrams.
    12 ac = 'caricaturist'
    24 ac = 'Vietnamese'
  15. Happy New Year to one and all! [​IMG]
    Déjà vu? Bien sûr! [​IMG]
    Everyman 3356, 2 drinks.
    11 dn = 'Grand Marnier' [​IMG]
    17 dn = 'green tea' [​IMG]
  16. Afternoon! Been having a good go at this one:
    13ac; surfboard
    1d: tiffin
    15ac: leonine verse
    3d: eager beaver
  17. Agree all yours, found nemo, g' day to you, too.
    1 ac = 'fair game'
    5 ac = 'Crimea'
    1 ac = 'traverse'
  18. How about 'bovver boots' for 14 dn?
  19. Yup - have 'bovver boots' too.
    16d; offtimes
    25ac: minotaur
    7d: massacre
    18ac: Forever Amber
  20. 23 ac = 'motley'
    26 ac = 'shadow'
    19 dn = 'canard'

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