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Crossword anyone?

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by Crusty Potty Brains, May 23, 2009.

  1. Afternoon.
    1d: Manta ray
    9ac: new age
    12d; spring onions
    3d: sightseer
  2. 1a misuse
    10a stroll on
    13a adept
    20a extra
  3. 15d: trattoria
    21d: arson
  4. 24a acrostic
    26a training
  5. 19D: repast?
  6. 25ac: pirate
  7. 27ac: recess
    17d; Flanders
  8. repast is correct
    5d after a while
    7d golden eye
  9. 22a is OPERATING or OPERATION ?
  10. Greetings, DG and FM!
    I reckon 27 ac = 'recess'
    I have 17 dn as 'Flanders', with 22ac as 'operation'
  11. Agreed: 'operation' and 'Flanders'
  12. Operating seems more apt with 'Underatking' Will need to wait till neext Sunday to verify.
    Good Night from India
  13. Many thanks for 7 dn 'Goldeneye', that was my last one.
    Enjoy the holidays!
  14. Well, that was quick. [​IMG]
    Everyman 3336, anybody? [​IMG]
    Two long anagrams for starters. [​IMG]
    3 dn = 'under lock and key'
    6 dn = 'confidence trick'
  15. Hi! Time to revive the Sunday crosword session:
    17d: Rhodesia
    26ac: Aye-aye
    11ac: eccentric
    8d: tuck shop
    To start with...............

  16. Anyone?

    Everyman 3337
    14a: Scarlett O'Hara
    4ac: opera hat
    7d: hot potato

  17. Greetings, found nemo.
    Worked out 'opera hat', but had to look up "gibus".
    Here are the first anagram-style clues I've found so far.
    9ac = 'Forsythia'
    17 ac = 'Ellesmere Port'
    25 ac = 'Ladysmith'
    20 dn = 'ageism'
  18. Afternoon!
    I confess to having to look up 'gibus' too!
    12ac; lorimer
    13ac: adipose
    2d: error
  19. Agree all yours, found nemo.
    7 dn = 'hot potato'
    16 dn = 'starship'
    23 dn = 'naiad'
  20. Oops.
    15 dn = 'Alexander'

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