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Crossword anyone?

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by Crusty Potty Brains, May 23, 2009.

  1. I'd settle for the "San Pedro" [​IMG]
    24a - potman
    5d - charlotte
    7d - errant
    3d - imago

  2. 14d: Louisiana
    8ac: bravado
    10ac: flatter
    6d: autospy
  3. Greetings to you, too, FN!
    6 dn needs to be 'autopsy' or my 12 ac can't be 'lupin' [​IMG]
  4. 19a - rebus
    24a - potman
  5. sorry for the repeat of 24a
  6. You knew what I meant!
    Only 18d and 25ac to go.
  7. 25ac: factor?
  8. 18d - veneer
    16d - tangent
    17d - grow up
  9. factor is right
  10. Done! See you next week.
  11. Good night from India
  12. Everyman 3329
    Made a good start, but have ground to a halt! Some to begin with:
    15d: wound down
    11d; intransigent
    24a: hand over
    12ac; eye opener
  13. 1a - PICKLE
    4a - TIA MARIA
    9a - SAMITE
    10a - STALLION
  14. 6d: tia maria
    1d; passer by
    5d: interest free
    6d: milk teeth
  15. 13a - THETA
    18a - TURN OF PHRASE
    21a - ELAND
  16. Have all those! Struggling with the bottom right corner in general at the moment.

  17. 16d - BASEBALL
    17d - JETTISON
    25a - MORASS
    27a - STOLEN
  18. Anyone there for Everyman 3330?
    4ac: Las Vegas
    8d: sonata
    16d; lucrative
    6d; Viola
    23d: image

  19. 11a appetiser
    14a as the crow flies
    18a warren mitchell
    22a operating
  20. Need 27a to wrap up

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