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Cross curricular ICT @ KS4

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by kimcarlyle, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. Our school has made the decision to cease with a core IT course at KS4. I have been tasked with finding out what the 'core' subjects currently offer by way of IT and then 'encouraging' them to use more IT in their lessons so the students receive their entitkement. Whilst I don't agree with what has happened I'm told that is the way it is.
    Could anyone offer any suggestions, or have any experiences in going about this, I would apprecaite any comments.
  2. This is the shape of things to come I think. I suspect our Head is about to issue the formal notice to Unions of pending redundancies, and I think ICT is firmly in the line of fire. Cross-curricula? A waste of time and this is based on trying to implement over a 5 year period in the late 90s. You'll be drawing up maps of who is to teach what, have meetings to coordinate and grade achievement and will hold your head in your hands as pupils do naff all except Word and PowerPoint.
    Forget it. Whatever you do won't work.
  3. Yes, been there, done that, No-one will "own" the IT, or even be that bothered about it, unless it involves Word, Power Point, Internet Revision (aka games). Good luck with assessing students too. It's a nightmare.
    Imagine if one day your LG said that English Langauge was going cross - curricular. Next step, special measures?
    We too expect too become an option subject at KS4 and to have to better justify the quality of the courses we will be doing. But really, are you saying that no-one at your school would want to do an externally assessed IT course at KS4? Gulp!

  4. This is an ICT coordinator role, not head of subject/faculty. Many school have never had ICT as a core for all at KS4, Ofsted do not appear to comment on or check up on entitlement from my experience since OFSTED inspections started. The Coordinator role is, as others have pointed out, basically a nightmare unless it is an active role where you are given time to go in and work with depts to help them self-improve. as for monitoring& tracking - forget it!- too many variables...

    Good luck[​IMG]
  5. colwynexile

    colwynexile Occasional commenter

    ICT is not a core option at KS4, so what your SLT believes is that there are not enough pupils who want to take an option GCSE / OCR ICT to enable you to run such a course, and that you therefore won't be teaching it at KS5 as there's no follow-through of students.
    First point of action - find out if this is the case (sad day if that is really), don't forget, you are looking at engaging enough pupils to make running a course viable (normally between 25 and 30 per class).
    Second point - look at your KS3 teaching loads. If SLT remove KS4 what is going to happen to the freed time you have. Will you be teaching in other areas, or will you be losing someone and that person's KS3 load put onto the rest (there has to be KS3 teaching)
    Third point - if they persist in x-curricular approaches, insist on a senior / middle management post of 'Head of ICT Integration'. This is a full time post requiring you to work closely with all the other HoS to shoehorn ICT into their curriculum, monitor that this is being carried out, and enable some form of reporting back on effectiveness.
    Fourth - Is this is not forth-comming, get out. It'll only be a matter of time before they float the idea that it can be done at KS3 as well. Madness - see other forum threads for many reasons why this is so.

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