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Cross Curricular Day - Sports

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by nuts88, May 6, 2011.

  1. nuts88

    nuts88 New commenter

    I've been asked to help organise a CC Day with the P.E. dept. My brief is this..
    - Lesson to last 1.5 hrs (afternoon session)
    - Computers are available
    - The whole of Y7 (therefore, mixed ability)
    - The morning will consist of a "pentathlon" kind of event, where scores/times etc will be taken (by the Maths dept)
    - There will be "certificates" given out, thus we need to evaluate the events with some sort of points system.
    Short of spending an hour or so doing averages/ speed, distance, time, excel, powerpoint pres, etc.. I'm struggling to actually format the session so that it will be cover the criteria AND be stimulating for the kids.
    Has anyone got any ideas??!!
    Thankyou please!!
  2. Thought I should post a link to the Millennium Maths Project's new sports portal. A lot of the content on there might be more appropriate to older students, but it may provoke some ideas. Many of the resources also appear on the NRICH site with Teachers' Notes, and the NRICH site theme for June will be sport so even more resources will appear then. As always, feedback welcomed.

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