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Cross curricular 2 week ks3 project

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by fergal_jay, Dec 4, 2008.

  1. We are coming to the end of our main projects and the whole department then gets together to do a 2 week project with our year 7's.

    Last time we did an egg alien project which consisted of making a spaceship and parachute using carrier bags and art straws to make sure their egg alien didnt smash when it crash landed to earth.

    We now need another project to do after xmas and we need to make it fun and challenging and possibly into a competition between the pupils. Aws this needs to be cross curricular it could possibly be making trebuche's or chariots which would fit into history but what I really want to know is:

    Do you know of any resources for any of these projects or do you do them and are willing to share it with me. Anything would be great!!


  2. re

    re New commenter

    I have been very impressed by the stuff used by Primary Engineers. It is designd to be used in any classroom and accessible to just about every kid. They source tools & equipment from TTS.
  3. We do a balloon buggy that pupils design and make then complete. We give a kit of resources - lengths of 1x1 - about 500mm, a square of correflute with a triangle cut into it that will hold the balloon. straw for axle holder, 4 cardboard wheels, balloon and dowel for axels. We use a glue gun for quick assembly.They can work in teams to design and build. We link it with renewable energy/ fuel.

    Race day is fun as alot tend to go round in circles etc where they havn't glued the axles on straight.

    I have a booklet that I did to support it, if you are interested send me your email address.
  4. This sounds really fun can u send me info and resources to becky_jay@hotmail.co.uk


  5. Thanks for the great idea - would you mind sending pictures and more details to patnelle@iname.com? I lack creativity and must complete a term's worth of D&T with a Year 2 class - ideally something to do with the first lunar landing, so I'm thinking moon buggy.
  6. Hi - how did you pinch the end of the balloon to retain air until ready to launch?
  7. I do not suppose you might still have this my email is

    was it a success????

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