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Criteria for UPS3?

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by AlongForTheRide, Oct 9, 2009.

  1. AlongForTheRide

    AlongForTheRide New commenter

    As I am in my 2nd year of being on UPS2 Ihave been trying to find information about what I need to do to be awarded UPS3. I was under the impression that it needed to be something more than just 2 successful performance managements.

    The only information I can find is from 2007 and states:
    Therefore, for teachers eligible for progression from UPS2 to UPS3, head teachers may
    reasonably focus on the parts of the evidence base that informs in respect of:
    • the extent to which the teacher provides a role model for teaching and learning;
    • the distinctive contribution made by the teacher to the raising of pupil standards;
    • the effectiveness of the teacher’s contribution to the work of the wider team;
    • the professional development opportunities of which advantage has been taken
    (these could be formal INSET or other opportunities to widen professional
    • the impact that any outcomes of professional development have had in improving
    pupils’ learning.

    Has anyone been awarded UPS3 recently so they can tell me if they had to prove significant impact on the wider school?

  2. strawbs

    strawbs Established commenter

    I didn't do anything. Head told me I'd got it.
    STPCD 2009 has a paragraph called "clarifying UPS3" or something similar. I think it's in a box, but can't remember precisely where - it's a long document! Poss in section 4.
  3. AlongForTheRide

    AlongForTheRide New commenter

    Thanks [​IMG]

    I'll see if I can find it.
  4. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    Section 3 STPCD 2009, para 53. There is a general description and then restatement that basically you have to have maintained the standards from UPS 1 (and 2). No additional evidence or activity is required by the regulations, schools attempting to require either can be challenged.
  5. I just been told by a head that UPS3 is vertually equal with an assistant head (almost same money) therefore the duties are equal to the assistant head - I want to know could i resign the UOS 3 and go back to UPS 2 or 1 even and to be left alone - as the expectations of me recently were well above anything i had to do when i was a ks2 coordinator - and then i had an extra point paid for it too.
    Apparently the rules have changed and one (a teacher on UPS3) needs to lead the staff in improving standards and motivate them as well as monitor them, lead staff meetings etc etc - am i being taken for a ride? please advise
  6. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    What a load of molluscs!! Contact your local union office and discuss this with them, in the meantime check out www.tesfaq.co.uk, the STPCD for the last 4 years, Threshold Guidance on teachernet, Threshold Guidance on any union website; suggest to this head that they do the same before uttering such nonsense again.
    Only if you believe this twaddle or act on it.
    Oh, by the way, you can't resign a UPS point, it is your pay level, not a post or responsibility.
  7. will check it out, thanks for that
  8. MarkS

    MarkS New commenter

    Agree with everything said by BecktonBoy.
    Firstly, UPS1/2/3 is a pay scale, not a post. Having said that, it is performance related...but that is performance as a teacher, not as a leader!!! You are not expected to carry out any additional duties (like an assistant head is), nor are you accountable for the work of any other teacher (like a subject leader on a TLR is).
    For UPS1/2/3, you need to be a good quality teacher who is a role model to those who are less experienced and support your subject leaders/HoD in promoting the ethos of the school/department. That should mean contributing to the professional development of others - sharing good practice is always a good thing - but you should not take on additional work or responsibilities...that is what a TLR is for!!!
  9. AlongForTheRide

    AlongForTheRide New commenter

    So you could be turned down for UPS3 if the Head thinks you are a bit negative when new initiatives are brought in? Would this be grounds for saying that you are not a good role model even if you had done a lot of other things involving staff, pupils and parents, cheerfully and even in your own time?
    This has happened to a teacher friend of mine who works at a different school to me. He was told that only 30% of teachers would be awarded UPS 3 and that some teachers at his school would get it, but there would be others who would not. If it's based on upholding the threshold standards and being a good role model, then how do they know there will be others that will not be awarded UPS3?
  10. AlongForTheRide
    For teachers who have passed the threshold, movement through the UPS is performance-related and in all but the most exceptional circumstances two years must elapse before any movement takes place. Head teachers will make recommendations on which teachers should progress through the UPS. They will base their decisions on the individual's performance as part of the school's performance management system. These decisions will need to be formally confirmed by the Governing Body.
    Performance points should only be awarded within the framework set by a school's pay policy and only where high levels of performance have been maintained. Points for progression on the upper pay scale, once awarded are permanent. General national criteria for performance pay progression on the main, upper, advanced skills teacher and leadership group pay scales are set out in the School Teachers' Pay and Conditions Document (STPCD) 2009. The STPCD gives specific notes on the application of the criteria for a teacher on the UPS in Section 3. If you have a hard copy of the STPCD you will find this information on page 162. There is further information in section 2 paragraphs 19.4.1, 19.5.1 and 19.5.1(a) and (b).
    The document can also be viewed on the Teachernet website at: www.teachernet.gov.uk/docbank/index.cfm?id=14150

    Public Communications Unit
  11. ****. only your head has the final say. forget governers. i had have waited for six years to go form UPS2- UPS3. only her recommendation. Still waiting . 95% of my physics students got A or A* gcse this year. forget the the unions of any thing else you hear here. the HEAD has the final say.
  12. Can I just ask for clarification about progressing through the levels in UPS?
    I was accepted through the threshold in 2007 and was paid at UPS 1 from September 2007. At what point might I move to UPS2 - and what criteria are attached?
  13. tafkam

    tafkam Occasional commenter

    Your Performance Management review for 2008-9 should have included a statement indicating whether you had continued to meet the post-threshold standards and whether your contribution to the school had been substantial and sustained. That is, whether you were still doing everything to the same standard as you were two years ago.
    If you were, then you should have been moved to UPS2 from September 1st.
    And despite what Vector says, if you haven't and you feel you should have been, then you have the right to use your school's pay appeals procedure which should be clearly set out in your school's pay policy.
  14. will not waste my time. headteacher has the final say. forget all the above. teaching over 20 years in top grammar school. final say with head. if you do not fit you will not move up.
  15. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    tafkam has it right, you can appeal any pay decision, if you are covered by the STPCD.
  16. ......and if you can prove that you have worked at or above the standards required for UPS you will get your bunce, if not, and you are on UPS2, then expect to be hauled up for poor performance, that's what you gets yer extra dosh for, not for turning up to work for 7+ years. Always make sure that UPS standards have a place in your performance management, then there's no arguing.........

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