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Cringe...what is a user form in access?

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by Countrygirl_78, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. Countrygirl_78

    Countrygirl_78 New commenter

    Sorry for the cringe but I'm teaching ICT tomorrow and I don't know what a "user form" is. Please help me.

  2. Really? It's atherwise known as a Form and is a visual way of entering data into tables. Google it.
  3. Captain Obvious

    Captain Obvious New commenter

    Just think of it as like a form you'd fill in for a passport or driving licence, but it includes what the database requires instead.
    You'll find it under the forms tab in Access. There are even Wizards...
  4. Countrygirl_78

    Countrygirl_78 New commenter

    Cheers peeps, I thought it was, just needed to check, did try and google, but I think it was way to an obvious question to find a simple answer.
    Happy Friday!
  5. Oh dear. No offence to country girl (don't take it personally - you were absolutely right to ask) who has obviously been forced to teach something she isnt familiar with and we've all got to start somewhere but ....

    It's no wonder ICT is in such a position of low regard is it? This forum has almost ground to a halt with repeated posts about ... The future ... OCR ... Non specialists ... Computing verses ict ... Maybe it would be more more useful to get back to basics.

    For a bit of light relief what about some equivalent spoof postings from other subjects?

    What is a database form? (ICT)
    What is a vowel (spelling)
    What is a ...
  6. Decent, honest question.
    but jeez, I would hate to be teaching this tomorrow in your position.
  7. Countrygirl_78

    Countrygirl_78 New commenter

    I believe if you don't know something, ask. I take my teaching very seriously and thought the kind ICT people wouldn't mind helping me out.
    Plan for lesson is as follows:
    Lesson: Making top trumps database
    Starter: Why top trumps?
    Answer: They have fields and are records.
    Guided: What type of top trump will you make? Choose your topic.
    What fields will you have?
    Create a simple form which will include the fields you need on excel.
    Now create a simple form on database.
    Brilliant video resource on Teach ICT where the student follows the guide on how to create a form. Checklist will be provided to make sure they follow all the required steps. (Independant leanring)
    Plenary: We show each other our user forms and give marks out of ten on ease of use and suitabliltiy,
    Feedback welcome. Don't think I'm letting the side down or anything.

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