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Criminal records certificate from Spain

Discussion in 'Primary' started by carlotta2272, Nov 9, 2017.

  1. carlotta2272

    carlotta2272 New commenter

    Sorry, if this is on the wrong forum but I am new to posting. Our school business manager has just told us that anyone who has ever lived or worked abroad must obtain a criminal records check/certificate of good conduct from that country. I lived in France and Spain when I was doing my MFL degree (30 years ago!) and applied for my French certificate online today. Has anyone applied for one from Spain? I am confused by the guidance! When I click on the link to apply I can't do it online because I need a digital certificate (not sure what that is but don't think I've got one!) and when I click to download the form it says I shouldn't use it because it doesn't have a unique reference number on it! I am also not sure if I need to get my passport copy certified by a solicitor or not?? Can anyone help?
  2. lunarita

    lunarita Established commenter

  3. carlotta2272

    carlotta2272 New commenter

    Thanks, but I've already read that and when you download the form it says "Don't download this form" because the ID number isn't unique!
  4. lunarita

    lunarita Established commenter

    No, it says don't re-use it. Each download will come with a unique ID number, you can use it once but photocopying it to use it again doesn't work.
    Hope this helps
  5. carlotta2272

    carlotta2272 New commenter

    Oh thanks! If you go on the English version it says "Don't use this form" but I can see the Spanish version says don't re-use, which makes more sense. Thanks. Just need to work out who should certify my passport now!
  6. lunarita

    lunarita Established commenter

    Oh, I didn't notice that. SOme time back I had my passport and certificates notarised in the UK but they then had to be (I can't remember the word) sent to the FCO to be made valid for use overseas. The notary I used knew all about that and dealt with the whole thing for me - I didn't have to do the FCO thing myself.
  7. Wotton

    Wotton Established commenter

    That's interesting as I worked abroad over 30 years ago and applied for a new DBS in 2015 with no one mentioning this.How new is this?
  8. Landofla

    Landofla Established commenter

    I thought you only had to do it if you had lived in another country for more than 3 months in the last five years...
  9. Wotton

    Wotton Established commenter

    That is kind of what I thought thus why I've never been asked for a police check from my time overseas.
  10. rouxx

    rouxx Senior commenter

    I do fully agree with criminal record checks, but it can be a nightmare with the backdating. Try getting one from the UK if you no longer live there!

    I have lived in so many countries that I could never do it - wouldn't be able for the life of me remember where I lived in 1986 for six months.

    I have of course collected certificates from every place since it became obvious that they were going to be needed but the backdating now puts you in impossible situations.
    MikeyGrzz likes this.
  11. Geekie

    Geekie New commenter

    Is there some new guidance that has come out about this, then? I lived in Spain 1990-1991 and have only ever had CRB / DBS.
  12. MikeyGrzz

    MikeyGrzz New commenter

    There are extenuating circumstances you can use why you are unable to provide a CoC including:

    - The country where you lived does not have a functional criminal records system;

    - The country where you lived only issues CoC's to nationals of that country;

    - The country only issues CoC's to foreign nationals from within the country.

    Technically, you have to be able to provide a CoC for each country where you have been resident for more than three months since the age of 18! But in practice it applies to any country where you've lived within the last 5 years.


  13. rouxx

    rouxx Senior commenter

    Good job I have no intention of returning to the UK to teach. If I do...does anyone have any idea how to get one from Maderia circa 1986?

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