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Discussion in 'Parenting' started by snowcloud, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. snowcloud

    snowcloud New commenter

    Did anyone use a moses basket then a crib then a cot? What did you do?
  2. snowcloud

    snowcloud New commenter

    Also what are your thoughts on bumpers?
  3. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    We had a crib, then a cot. The crib was the one I slept in as a baby, and my dad painted it and got a new mattress for it! It was quite narrow though, so we put our son into his cot at 4 months.
    He slept in a moses basket when we stayed with my parents from 4.5 - 6 weeks old, and at the end of the visit he was nearly too long for it, so i'm glad we didn't waste money on one!
  4. We had a crib (a saplings 'katie' one with fabric sides) but LO hated it for the first week so she slept in the carrycot that came with the pram. Then she was in the crib for about 7 weeks. Then she moved into her big cot and is much more settled! If there's a next time I'll probably just do carrycot then big cot. I wondered about those divider things you can get to make the cot smaller. Anyway think before you buy, I spent £50 on a crib and £145 on a carrycot and she has outgrown them both at 11 weeks...
  5. Not sure if my laptop playing up but all of these posts are huuugee font size! Mine too probably but won't know 'til I post!
    Our LO was in moses basket and then straight into cot when she was about 7weeks (I think!). She used to thrash about a bit in the moses basket and LOVES her cot as she has so much space. I have also got some fab fab bargains on ebay and bought some 0-6month sleeping grobags/sleeping bags since she kicks the covers off in moses basket (and cot for first 3nights 'til my ebay stuff arrived!!).
    I also had the worry about cot bumpers but she can't roll yet (is 14wks) and I figure that when she does, should she hit the sides, she'll be robust enough not to injure herself too much. Got a bit freaked out by the blrub about suffocation from cot bumpers and figured it'd probably be a waste of money in the end but that's my opinion.
    pogo x
  6. Oh and typically I post a message and all posts are back to their normal font size! It looks like I made it all up!! :-/
  7. hi, we have a crib as the cot won't fit in our room and I'd like to keep lo in with us til 6 months if poss, and the crib is bigger than a moses basket. It is a wooden one from ikea but got it £5 from ebay (our cotbed was £5 too from gumtree) We got new mattresses though. There are loads of all kinds of bed on ebay etc in v good condition if you don't mind 2nd hand!
    If the cot fit in our room I might not have bothererd with the crib.
    Also we were lent a moses basket which was good for keeping downstairs for the first few weeks for naps but now we are hardly ever in during the day!
  8. Hi,
    We bought a nice second hand moses basket at NCT nearly new sale for £25 and she was in it for 8 weeks and then into cot which we can fit in our room, ours is just a cot though not a cot bed...have seen some of my friends cot beds and they are huge! I wouldn't spend much on a moses basket because I have friends who hardly used them at all...depends on the baby. Also agree with the comment about sleeping bags etc on ebay...they are by far the best way for them to sleep and much cheaper on ebay...you can also get ones on there that are suitable from 7lbs in weight :)
  9. I did the moses basket to crib to cot thing. Only because I got the loan of a crib and it did for a couple of weeks when he had outgrown the msoes basket. I put him into his cot at 13 weeks becasue he was a really active sleeper and kept waking himself up when he hit the sides of the crib. His cot was in his own room and I felt better knowing we had the movement sensor alarm on his monitor.

    We also swear by the sleeping bags! We have cot bumpers but haven;t put them on yet - I am a total scaredy cat though! We have very pretty ones - if you're interested there are some ones that are deemed safer though not as pretty -
  10. I too did the moses basket, crib, cot which to be honest wasn't ideal and little man had lots of issues eventually settling into his own cot in his own room because he became too use to sleeping in the same room as us. Now at 11 months he is settled but it has taken lots of hard work to get him that way. In the future I don't think I would use a moses basket as it didnt last long maybe to 8 weeks if that and he wasnt a particularly big baby!
    I used bumpers and still have one on his cot now, as it made it feel a little bit more cosy for him, I also weaved towels in and out of the bars when he went in his big cot.
  11. we were given a moses basket,which we kept downstairs, and had a crib again given in our bedroom. I didn't want to carry the moses basket up and downstairs (back issues) however LO hated moses basket (kept hitting sides and waking himself up) so he is in crib at night in our room and I have borrowed an extra pram which he sleeps in downstairs (bigger than moses basket) As soon as we have got around to buying the mattress for the cot, he will be in there now
  12. Our LO is in a moses basket at the moment as she hates the crib. We were given the crib, and it's one of those rocking ones. But even when the pin is in to stop it rocking, it still moves when she does so she rolls to the sides a bit. She hates not feeling secure I think and prefers the moses basket as she can feel the sides. However, now she's 3 months old she's getting too long for the moses basket so I'm not sure what to do about putting her in the crib. Might need to wedge it so it can't rock and consider some sort of cot bumper. She's in with us (one bed flat) so I can keep an eye on her sort of!
  13. Our 6wo is happy in his crib. It's this one: http://direct.tesco.com/q/R.208-5062.aspx (bought mattress new from a shop on Ebay). As someone else said, we want him in our room for as long as possible and can't fit a cot in; the crib is a bit more roomy than an MB and it will save having to make an extra transition. We don't have bumpers though he easily reaches the sides with his hands - it doesn't bother him but you do get some percussion at night occasionally...
    We use the bassinet from the pram when putting him to sleep downstairs.
    Would definitely go for a crib again - but they're all different aren't they?

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