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CREST awards

Discussion in 'Science' started by janeduncan, Mar 19, 2019.

  1. janeduncan

    janeduncan New commenter

    Is anybody running a CREST awards scheme this year? I've run one for the last few years and will be starting it up again soon. Was interested in how others might run their schemes and any guidance you may have on cutting down the amount of teacher input needed. Previously students have selected their own interests and project which usually means I'm running about 5 different practicals afterschool and then generally running around like a headless chicken!
    Any ideas would be greatly appreicated
  2. miss_singmarbles

    miss_singmarbles New commenter

    I'm not doing it myself but I know of a teacher who does and she makes a massive point of the pupils all being responsible for working out what they need and ordering their own equipment each week. The technician gives them each what they ask for and if they forget something important they learn a valuable lesson and remember it for next time! The teacher's time is then spent having conversations with each pupil or group about what they are planning to do next and asking questions to prompt their thinking, rather than running round fetching equipment. I think if they keep the investigations relatively simple and you make it a priority for them to take ownership of their projects, including all the mistakes and set-backs that they will inevitably encounter, then choosing their own projects can be more rewarding for them than doing one that you prescribe. Getting 6th formers involved if possible is great for all concerned, and if other staff pop in so it's a kind of departmental activity it's even better, but that is rarely possible.

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