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Credit Cards

Discussion in 'Personal' started by anon3372, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. I don't have one and I don't want one.
    I get by fine without one (apart from booking bleddy flights - Dad has to do that for me).

  2. really wish i could
  3. I think it is much harder in the UK.
    You have a credit culture (for better, for worse).

  4. A friend of mine tried to open a store card account a couple of weeks ago and was declined. She thought it might be because of a low credit score (never having had a credit card before), so went to her bank to open a credit card to get her credit score started. She was declined again. Further investigation by the bank revealled that it was all their fault, as they'd "forgotten" to take off the fraud watch on her account after she'd had her bagged nicked and then been mugged within 2 weeks of each other, nearly 3 years ago.
    Could it be something like that, if you've previously encountered fraud?
    And yes, her bank was about as useful as yours!
  5. well yes, i'm sure it is - but as the bank insists it isn't, i can't ask them to do anything about it!
  6. Write a complaint, chase it, then refer to the financial obudsmen?
    My friend got to the bottom of the matter by going to a branch to talk to somebody. Is that possible, or is it a phone / internet bank only?
  7. with all the stuff going on with my dad, i know i should do that, but i can't face it - i shall just leave it and get a different card
    oh - i wish all online vendors used paypal

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