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Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by MizUnderstood, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. MizUnderstood

    MizUnderstood New commenter

    I think with all the stress of making sure you are ticking all the right boxes, that the lessons are covering the correct objectives and that the children are actually LEARNING that creativity during the PGCE year is actually way down the list. I'm usually very creative but whilst trying to jump through hoops I feel like I can't get the creative juices flowing as much as I would like. Others watch me and think I am creative, but I know I could be 'better'. At the end of the day if the children are engaged and challenged and learning lots then the lessons don't have to be all-singing-all-dancing in the creative stakes. Sometimes the creativity can overtake the learning which is not what we are there for!
  2. leadlearner

    leadlearner New commenter

    Look for ideas in different places- books like the pocketbook series they have a book on creativity and read other books about being a great teacher. Talk to other people. Adapt ideas from websites. Relax. Take a walk sometimes you need to be away from the desk to get ideas. I gt my bet ideas at odd times. Good luck!!
  3. IamCreative

    IamCreative Occasional commenter

    We have come up with I Am Creative to help you tick the boxes while at the same time running a creative project (though it depends what you teach). We have creative (and competitive) briefs from Global brands that you can set your students, and a resources section that shows you how to run them in class and match them to your qualification! We have lots of schools running projects and hope the gallery to be bursting in Summer!

    Let me know what you think. www.iamcreative.org.uk
  4. GeeMarie

    GeeMarie New commenter

    I have the exact same problem. We had a training day on innovation and creativity recently, and I got so depressed. I'm just not creative. My mentor tries to help me, but I feel worse that she's coming up with stuff and I'm not. I keep getting told to take more risks- but I don't know how!
    I scour the internet and ask people, but I just don't seem to get it! Very frustrating.
  5. Oh my gosh feel like you've read my mind it's really hard to be creative as a student teacher/ NQT. The only way I get through is by reading as much as I can when I can - things like the TES, other online materials/blogs and textbooks about teaching and don't be afraid to ask more experienced teachers around you for help, they were where we are once too I would think!
    Good luck and hope it helps to know you're not the only one!
  6. And don't be afraid to use the suggestion from mentors and experienced teachers. I've had a great mentor who has given me loads of ideas for creative maths lessons. The other teachers at the school have also give me ideas.

    I'm shamelessly and ruthlessly using and stealing every single one of them. I'm not naturally creative but my objective is to build a set of creative tasks and resources that I can use repeatedly. Very few of those will be original ideas, most if not all will be tweaks of things that other teachers and fellow PGCE/NQTs have given me.

    Remember, nearly everything has been done before by someone else. Use the experience of other staff (TA s and other support staff as well), look on TES (I've found some nice little activities here),read. Build your confidence using materials you know work and you'll be surprised at the ideas that will start popping into your head at 2am!

    Sometimes you just have to have a consolidation lesson where the kids get their heads down and work. Funnily enough, I've had maths lessons where they spent most of it practicing a new skill or set of skills and students have commented how much they enjoyed it! They were just doing questions I had put together and solving them in their books.

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