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Creativity in maths?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by juliateacher, May 25, 2007.

  1. Andrew Jeffrey

    Andrew Jeffrey New commenter

    I've just done a quick Google search and it seems that there are loads of schools in Shetland. If you can get a few of them interested (so that travel costs are shared out between schools) I would be prepared to come. I don't need to stay in luxury hotels; a cheap Bed and Breakfast is fine!

    Can I fly to anywhere remotely nearby from Gatwick, do you know? Or change at Aberdeen? It looks like I would be closer to Iceland than to home! Google Maps says I could drive it in only 21 hours and 29 minutes...flying would be cheaper though!

  2. How could I create Maths Magicians after your visit? Would love them to bring it into end of year production - year 6?
  3. I heard about a good lesson today combining Space and Maths, space as in the Earth and beyond. The children were working out the cost to get humans to Mars and also the weight of the various supplies needed for the time it would take to get there. Fantastic problem solving. I told the children they were learning rocket science...

    Also, Maths and Music....any good ideas anyone? (If it could be connected to space too that would be a bonus...)
  4. shetland-kat

    shetland-kat New commenter

    Andrew Jeffrey,

    Do you have any leaflets / information etc that you could email me about what you do, costs etc and perhaps comments from previous schools.

    I can then get in touch with my the local education dept and see what they will do!



    JT - i think your idea sounds great too! :)
  5. shetland-kat

    shetland-kat New commenter

    Oh and i think you can fly direct from gatwick to sumburgh (shetland) in the summer months. If not then transfer at aberdeen. Much quicker and more convenient than any other way.

    But lets see what LEA say.

  6. check out Dave Godfrey's number fun website
    His material is superb and he recently did a fun day in our school and it was absolutely fantastic - well worth every penny.
    My children love his songs and they really do help them learn.
  7. Barley, thank you for this - I've listened to the sample songs and liked them. But just noticed the assembly pack - is that any good? I really like the sound of it.

    To infinity and beyond.................
  8. Do you mean on the shoulders of giants?
    if so, yes, it's good!!
    Everything he does is FAB
  9. Last year, whilst teaching Year 3 I was involved in a creative maths project for a local authority research group. I trialled creative thinking activities in my maths lessons that were really successful. They involved collaborative thinking about describing 2 and 3D shapes, pattern work with sequences involving making animals out of multi link and or statements, like a right angle is a 90 degree turn or... and the kids had to think up practical and imaginative ways of using and applying their maths knowledge. It was great for assessment purposes, as it really gave a great insight into their understanding of key objectives.
  10. An idea is to use books that touch on maths and then use it as a basis for problem solving. For example Jumanji works well for introducing and discussing probability. You can have students find the probability that Judy or Peter will roll certain numbers from the book. Two of Everything by Lily Toy is a good introduction to multiplication (kids can decide would you rather have 500 coins or 5 coins and a pot that works 20 times).

    For making maths more hands-on Marilyn Burns' books have ideas for all maths strands.

    There are also some fantastic sites online for culturally-based maths including: http://www.ccd.rpi.edu/Eglash/csdt/index.html. I would especially recommend the pre-Columbian pyramid activity.
  11. Andrew Jeffrey

    Andrew Jeffrey New commenter

    Shetland-Kat: Yes, I do have a newly designed flyer, but they are with the printer at the mo. I am hoping they will arrive this week. Shall I send you some when they come in?

    One of my newsletter subscribers suggested last night that I should put the flyer on my website so that folk can have a look at it, as I cannot afford to send it to all schools. I will try this.

    P.S. Somewhat embarrassingly I have now eaten all but one of the jelly babies so will have to get some more from ASDA on the way to work this morning...anyone know anything else that works with spaghetti?
  12. For a lesson on mass/weighing the children made their own playdough. They then had to do things such as make two lumps balance the scales, roll one into a sausage, then asked them to compare the 2 different shapes (all but 1 thought they would be different - Y1 I hasten to add) then weigh them again etc. Good fun but bit messy!
  13. Has anyone done a Maths week?
  14. A favourite activity that someone passed on to me to do a few weeks before Christmas - best given as homework.
    Give each child a sheet of red and a sheet of green A4 paper. Challenge is to make the longest paper chain they can using only those 2 sheets of paper. I give incentive of small prize for longest.
    Then we compare them. Guess which is longest, shortest etc. Measure them all! We talk about what made them longer - also things like was it better to use glue or sellotape. Other measurement and discussions come from the type of chain they make. For example - I had one that was not particularly long, but it was very pretty and very strong - especially compared to the longest.
    Finally, hang them all up in the classroom for the last couple of weeks of term to give a great Christmassy feel!!!

    (PS the children love this, but some of the parents grumble a bit as they get roped in at home - so far always in a good humoured way!)
  15. I did the spaghetti and marshmallow challenge at my science day. The childen loved it. Marchmallows were messy but that was part of the fun!
    We put plastic art table covers over the floor to stop the mess going too far.
    See the photos!
  16. Really late, just checking the posts..in a morose post-midnight kind of way..all my confidence in the education system totally restored by photos of marshmallow skyscrapers - what a great job!!! Well done.....I shall be doing this asap chez moi.

    Thanks for the inspiration.
  17. i also loved the photos on this site. I love marmite would it be alright to put this link onto the photo area of the creative yahooo group
  18. Thats fine bluerose. Thanks for the kind comments.
  19. Andrew Jeffrey

    Andrew Jeffrey New commenter

    The 'Magic of Maths' Flyers are finally here - 5000 of them! Happy to send them out to all and sundry - email me your address, Kat and Julia, and I will happily send you one. And anyone else who is interested. Trinity, you have already booked(thank you); do you want one anyway?

    Details of my work are on my website at the imaginatively named www.andrewjeffrey.co.uk

    P.S. My head is very excited about my spaghetti and marshmallows/jelly babies towers, which will now feature at our forthcoming open day.

    P.P.S. A colleague told me that Lidl do very cheap jelly babies, in case anyone else is thinking of trying this out!

    P.P.P.S. Am I the only person naive enough to use their real name on here??!

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