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Creative Writing Tuitoring

Discussion in 'Private tutors' started by Jingye, Nov 1, 2017.

  1. Jingye

    Jingye New commenter

    Speaking as an inventor, IT professional and enthusiastic about literacy education but not a teacher.

    I have this idea of Open Creative Writing tuition idea. I would like your feedback to see if it will work for you as a teacher or as student/parent.
    Base on the idea, I plan to make the software tool to facilitate it.

    The Open Creative Writing is aiming at KS2 and above students. All communication is via an online software. No face to face tuition, although by arrangement one can use online meeting tools.

    Selling points:
    No time, timezone, geolocation restriction. Tutoring is open up to around the world.
    Maintaining student dedication.
    Maintaining teaching quality.
    Efficient communication.

    The workflow:
    1. Teacher(tutor) assign topic.
    2. Student commits to creative writing and submit completed draft.
    3. Teacher marks the draft.
    4. Student redraft and submit again.
    5. Teacher remark and return to the student.

    The entire workflow is managed by the software. In extra to a computer, teacher needs a tablet pen (for virtual marking). No need to download or print student works.
    All work are save in the system.

    Are you interested in remote tuition?
    Would you like to use this tool?
    How much you will charge for each topic writing like this?

    I am looking forward to your suggestions and advice.
  2. doctoryes

    doctoryes Occasional commenter

    Writing as a parent here, as English isn't my specialism.
    What I am not sure about your idea is how exactly it fits with the school curriculum. Also think it's far too advanced for primary children in KS2.
    My daughter is taking A level Creative writing and does do this sort of drafting and redrafting, but this A level is being discontinued due to A level reforms and was only taken by a small number of candidates.
    At GCSE English it's all exams now so they don't do drafts and redrafts.
  3. Jingye

    Jingye New commenter

    Interesting to know that. National curriculum doesn't have this requirement for KS2 but they do do some writing (my DS is currently in Y6, state school). I know some grammar school entrance exams require students to sit writing test (Sutton, Surry IIRC?) and most indies are requires a short writing tests.
    Many parents (KS2) I knew of are mortified on CW, as English is not their first language. Even it is, gauging the 'preferable' way of writing under time constraint is challenging as parents.
    I think there are a lot more can be done to filling the gap left by the state school in class teaching by private tutors.
  4. doctoryes

    doctoryes Occasional commenter

    My daughter chose this option because Creative writing was her favourite part of GCSE English but there is no creative writing in other parts of A level English.
    I don't live in a grammar area so have no idea about their entry exams and I think that Y6 assessments have changed since my children took them. What I think I meant about KS2 children is that there would need to be some interaction between the tutor and children when they are completing the task as I don't think they would be able to manage this independently. The workflow that you have suggested doesn't seem to include any face-to-face interaction and the tutor role seems limited to setting a task and marking it with nothing in between.
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  5. Jingye

    Jingye New commenter

    (TES lost my last posting)

    It is a very good point. Face to face interaction is important in motivating, encouraging students. Particularly for those less motivated ones. For CW, peer critic, inspiration is important.
    Group lesson using online conferencing tool can be easily added.
    There are some tutors using Skype and alike tools for this.
  6. Mrsmumbles

    Mrsmumbles Star commenter

    Hi, what do you need help with..PM me if you like. I think we live in similar areas and I work a lot with Chinese learners.
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  7. JosieWhitehead

    JosieWhitehead Lead commenter

    Hello - I am a retired teacher, but I am also a poet whose work goes into classrooms in 188 countries of the world via my 5 websites and also via my books. Oxford University Press are now circulating my poems in their eastern countries and I was pleased to see children reciting one of my poems on You Tube - ie The Five Hungry Ducklings. I'm often invited into school classrooms where children are using the poems to help them with English, and the fact that I've added my own clear voice recordings to the poems, at the request of local children where I live, they are not only helping English children but especially overseas students. Often their own teachers have strong accents from their country, and it is good for the children to hear the words pronounced with a clear English accent. I would love to let teachers in China know that I would be happy to visit their classrooms too Mrs Mumbles. How do I reach these teachers?
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  8. Jingye

    Jingye New commenter

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