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Creative ideas for seaside/holidays topic please!

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by CarrieP, Jun 25, 2007.

  1. As the title says really! I'm getting a bit stuck, and have done a search and come up with some ideas for planning but if anyone has any suggestions I'd apreciate it please!
  2. As the title says really! I'm getting a bit stuck, and have done a search and come up with some ideas for planning but if anyone has any suggestions I'd apreciate it please!
  3. i gave the children a small piece of wood, a bit of string and let them make a shell design on it, then when it was dry they made prints using it, made frames for them when dry, and then we put them up on a display along with their stampers. they can then guess which stamper made which picture. they look really good too!

    We also made a sunset background using watercolour paint and cut out seaside pictures using black paper for silouhette pictures (palm trees, boats, bucket and spade etc) They look brilliant, and have had lots of positive comments from parents.

  4. Hi,

    I am just covering seaside/hollidays as a topic at present. Some of the creative activites we are doing are; making postcards - holliday booklets- making our own passports and flags from around the world, mainly focused on the countries our children have friends and family in.

    hope this is of some help
  5. cinderella1

    cinderella1 New commenter

    last week we provided a large piece of card and vareity of resources outside for children to make a seaside scene........... they did this totally indpendently and it looks lovely. I love it when they point out bits that they have made that you would never recognise.......such as the seagull sitting on a wave. Great to chat with them about after they have finshed when it is totally theirs.

    We have also had a seaside cafe.........with paper plates outside for children to design......... they brought their plates and hired the paint to design their scenes, these to are lovely.

    We have done a great display based around textiles/patterns and various artists.......... the children weaved waves....... sewed and collaged fish etc.... and used various media to make the sea. It looks fab and allows them to be very creative and combine different media. We linked to physcial by using the parachute to make wave patterns, in Cll we painted wavy patterns.

    use different sands and flour to create a beach affect it works really well
  6. Thanks everyone, as always you've been a big help! Thanks again xx
  7. We are covering the seaside at the moment too. We have made sail boats using art straws and tissue paper for the sails, with driftwood for the boat part. We have also painted paper plates with a beach scene as souviner plates. Today the children drew and decorated a fish which we attached to a drinking straw with some cotton. Next week we will paint and decorate a pebble. We have also made a large class picture by glueing sand to the bottom of the paper, then after painting the paper with watered down blue paint we sprinkled salt over to give the effect of surf. The children the stuck shells and pictures to the scene. Enjoy....We did.

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