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Creative Design: Craft V Cert Level 2

Discussion in 'Vocational' started by bhathaway, Nov 17, 2015.

  1. bhathaway

    bhathaway New commenter

    As a centre we are considering starting this v cert in the near future. Is there anyone already doing this who has any advice?
  2. Chloerawlings

    Chloerawlings New commenter

    Hi Barry, I am setting it up to run for September.

  3. debralex50

    debralex50 New commenter

    Hi Barry and Chloe, what is your take on it? How do you intend to approach it? What sort of resources will you both be investing in? Have you started planning any SOWs or plans? I am planning to run it for September but it is new to us and the teacher who will be teaching it. Any advice would be helpful. I am trying to gather information to make it easy for him to start in September and not be overwhelmed.
    Kind regards
  4. geoffmcarr

    geoffmcarr New commenter

    Hi I am setting up a V Cert Craft course to run for September and would greatly appreciate being able to talk to someone who has already run the course. We will be approaching it from a rural crafts angle.
    Yrs Geoff
  5. melicious

    melicious New commenter

    Following the AQA tech award debacle I am now going to run this course also. Anyone from any school who has run this in Resistant Materials and has any experience or advice of running this course I would be very much appreciative. The resources on line are vague and not that clear although there is now a craft woodwork portfolio available for UNIT 4

    Thanks Mel
  6. lucythompson_ncfe

    lucythompson_ncfe New commenter

    Hi Everyone

    While we are re-developing the Craft VCert (https://www.ncfe.org.uk/schools/subject-areas/craft/) I am looking to gain feedback about the most common disciplines that colleagues utilise for this qualification. This will support our resource developments.

    Here you can see the current published list of disciplines that we recognise as being suitable for this qualification, but this is not prescriptive or exhaustive - https://www.ncfe.org.uk/media/833334/craft-disciplines-120218.pdf

    Please either comment here, or contact me directly, to let us know how you have been engaging with this!

    Lucy Thompson (Product Manager- Schools)
    0191 240 8976 | M: 0746 935 3104 | E: lucythompson@ncfe.org.uk
  7. alicemn

    alicemn New commenter

    Thanks Lucy for helpful support!

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