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creative curriculum

Discussion in 'Primary' started by katiewilkinson, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. Hello, this is my first post.
    I have applied to do my pgce this year and as an entry requirement I have an essay question to complete. Having done much research on the web etc I am still a bit confused about the concept of the creative curriculum.
    If anyone can offer any guidance it will be much appreciated!
  2. thepinkrachael

    thepinkrachael New commenter

    What exactly is it you are confused by or what don't you understand about it?
  3. just what it is and whether it differs throughout different schools. It might be simple but I am currently working within a management of a nursery so the concept of the creative curriculum is a bit alien to me.
  4. thepinkrachael

    thepinkrachael New commenter

    No, didn't mean it should be simple - far from it! And you are right, school probably do it differently, so otehrs on here may have different ideas to me.
    The way we do it is that we have a topic (sometimes 2 depending) a term, chosen based on things like the children's interests and strengths; curriculum content (ie we make sure to choose some topic which will lend themselves to History well, to Geogrpahy well, to Science well etc., things we are excited about...
    We still teach daily Literacy and Numeracy following the Strategies, and a numeracy scheme, but sometimes this will link to the topic anyway, e.g. the texts we choose for Literay will often be based on the topics, or we might do information texts during a topic that lends itself to them. We often try to fit our Science topics in during the year ito topics they work well with, but if not teach them as stand alone.
    The rest of the subjects (Geography, History, Art and Design etc.) link to the topic being covered. As I mentioned before our topics usually lean more towars history or Geography, so that is the focus for that topic and over the course of the year we make sure we have a balance of the two between the topics covered.
    Some schools use the same topics across the school/KS, in ours we have year group topics. Topics are chosen together though to avoid repetition and ensure progression and consistency.
    I hope this helps a bit, I'm not an expert but I don't mind trying to help if I can!!
  5. Milgod

    Milgod Established commenter

    Do the children pick the topics? Do you find it hard to fit the history topics in to whatever your termly topic is?
  6. thepinkrachael

    thepinkrachael New commenter

    We choose them (again to ensure we cover what is needed and progression throughout the school) but try to tailor them to the interests of the class; more us tailoring the choice of topics we have made to fit the children we are
    teaching that year. And of course we can review them regularly to make
    any changes needed.
    I haven't found it hard to fit History in, and know classes further up the school have based a lot of their topics around their history. Humanities has tended to be the starting point and we have looked at what else we can do with it. Is there a reason you ask?

  7. Our children pick the topics and we don't struggle to fit the topics in. You just have to be aware of what the requirement is over a Key Stage and monitor it to ensure that by the end of the Key Stage, they will have met the requirements. It does sometimes mean that you take a chosen topic in a direction of your choice but that has to be the case to ensure coverage. For example, they chose Food but I needed to do Britain since 30s (only one not covered through KS) so i linked it with rationing and we went on to study WW2. They loved it.

  8. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    I don't think every subject fits neatly into every topic so sometime you have to teach the subject discretely or if this term's topic has a geography focus then don't try to fit history in by tenuous links and make sure next term's topic has a history focus. You don't have to teach every subject every week or indeed every term as long as you cover everything over the year/KS.
  9. thepinkrachael

    thepinkrachael New commenter

    This is what I was trying to say, but put a bit better! This is how we work it, so that we don't usually do every subject in every topic, but do cover it all by the end. Thanks for that Msz!
  10. Milgod

    Milgod Established commenter

    Which is of course the right way to do it (or at least one right way). We do similar things.

    I just hear a lot of teachers talking about the 'creative curriculum' and picking their own topics but not much mention of how they cover the NC. If children were solely allowed to pick topics then it might be hard to fit the NC for history in without forcing it.

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