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Creative Curriculum Viking topic - Year 3

Discussion in 'Primary' started by eilnan, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. eilnan

    eilnan New commenter

    I teach a Yr 3 class and we are about to start an Adventure and Mystery unit in Literacy but we are struggling to find suitable texts to read to begin the topic. Short stories would be ideal to break up the text or unit into manageable chunks.
    Any ideas or plans would be gratefully received and if I can offer help in return I'll do so gladly.
    Many thanks in advance
  2. We just did this!
    We did How To Train A Dragon as a classbook, and used the picture book "Hiccup the Seasick Viking" (also Cressida Cowell) as the book for writing.
    The children made their own books in chapters using Hiccup as their main character, and invented a monster for him to fight (?!)
    We took chapters from the book for the more able to use too- it's broken down fairly well, and the children enjoyed the story.
    They enjoyed it even more when we made a huge VIking longship to attach to the wall......

    If you need any ideas for creative curriculum for this topic, just ask!

  3. Hi
    We'll be planning for next year soon. Vikings will prob be one of my topics-could you tell me what you did in the other subject areas to link?
    Science, etc etc.
  4. We couldn't manage to get science to fit in the topic, as we do QCA units- we attempted to do materials, and link it in some bits to topic, by thinking what materials to make Viking clothes from to stay waterproof, or what to make a boat from so it floats.
    In numeracy, we did a week on place value/sequencing numbers to make a Viking timeline, and Venn diagrams to compare dragons from the Hiccup book. We also did symmetry, and used patterns to make shields.
    We did some geography, looking at maps of where Vikings came from and travelled to.
    For art/DT we made shields, longboats, clay pots, swords....
    In drama, we planned and did a raid on the year 2 classroom.
    In music, we looked at sea music, and did the Music Express unit of Dragon Scales.

    The best thing we did was have a Viking Day, when we had a Viking visit us- from a place called Viking Visits- the children loved it!

    Hope this helps?
  5. Thanks for your ideas
  6. eilnan

    eilnan New commenter

    Thank you for the suggestions of books everyone. Will look out for those. I ended up getting the Saga of Erik the Viking which is good because it's basically a book of Viking adventures - each chapter is short enough to focus on for a lesson and could almost stand alone as a short adventure story.
    For Creative Curriculum we did materials in Science and looked at how to make longboats waterproof as well as which material helped longship move furthest. we also did some work on dyeing fabrics using different natural dyes - turmeric, beetroot. Map work in geography and looking at pics of artefacts in history. Making runestones and longboats in Art/DT. Thanks CDuff for sharing your ideas - some great ones there.

  7. I know this was posted over a year ago, but would you be able to email your planning for this to me?!!

  8. Did you chunk the chapters and ask the children to recreate their own ideas for how to train your dragon? And for hiccup the seasick dragon/ littlest dragon did they write story for pictures?
  9. hobgoblintc

    hobgoblintc New commenter

    Anyone still looking for Vikings inspiration...
    We do a play all about the Vikings called "A Viking Tale". We bring everything we need with us to perform in your school hall and offer drama workshops with the children after the play.
    The play itself is an original story that follows the adventures of Freya, a Viking girl. It lasts an hour and has interactive sessions within it that allow the children to discuss with their peers (and the actors) what has been happening in the story.It is full of facts but is still loads of fun with lots of different characters.
    You can see more about it, including photos and testimonials, at our website which is www.hobgoblintheatrecompany.co.uk or, if you are planning on going to the TES Education Show next Friday or Saturday (14th and 15th Sept), come along and see us on Stand 199.
    Hobgoblin Theatre Company
  10. Hello,

    I know this topic was from a couple of years ago but does anyone have any planining or scheme of work for this? Thank you.

    My email is n_hargreaves@hotmail,com.

    Thank you.
  11. man501

    man501 New commenter

    Also for awareness the Royal Society of Chemistry has produced a new resource which connects science (and a bit of maths) with the topic of the Vikings so science can be linked in effectively.

    The resource can be found here: www.rsc.li/experiment-with-the-vikings

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