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Creative curriculum topic- "What happens when we are asleep?"

Discussion in 'Primary' started by elizabethharrington, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone. I am an NQT as of September and I have my first job interview on Thursday.
    I have been asked to consider the following task before my interview:

    "How you would deliver a thrilling creative curriculum topic over a term with the title:
    ?What happens when we are asleep??
    Within this topic you should consider elements of history, art, geography, ICT, D&T and science."

    This is for a KS1 (Y1) post so I need to think about role play areas etc too.

    I just wondered if anyone has done a topic along these lines and could contribute any ideas? Or anyone who just has some good ideas about activities/themes/lessons that could stem from this that would like to help!

    I have a few ideas of my own -
    What happens to our bodies when we are asleep?
    Nocturnal animals and hibernating animals,
    The stars,
    Dreams (and nightmares),
    Australia - loosely linked in the fact when we sleep,it is their day time?,
    Stories about sleeping..

    Any ideas or suggestions would be very welcome!!!!!

    Thank you!
  2. How about the workers that do their jobs whilst most of us are asleep, I guess I am thinking mostly of community workers for Year 1 - firefighters, nurses, doctors, police, cleaners, truck drivers, train drivers and pilots.
    VanGogh's Stary Stary night has lots of lesson ideas online, I know my kids did copies of his paintings in year 1.
    Look at any of the fairy tales or stories where the chief protagonist goes on an adventue while asleep, where the wild things are, the shoemaker and the elves, there must be millions of them.
    Mem Fox's Stella Luna is a nice australian one about marsupials.
    Make a dream catcher for art.
    What about looking at lullabies from different cultures, how differnt people sleep, all together in one room, in their own beds, on the floor, in hammocks.
    Design a bed, sleepwear, write a bedtimes story.
    I would imagine that it might be important to consider the outcomes that you need to cover for each subject and ensure that the teaching and learning activities are aligned with those, perhaps annotate them on cards, especially where one activity can meet more than one outcome. I only mention that because I can get soooo offtrack with great ideas when planning integated units.
  3. Thank you very much - some brilliant ideas here!
    I like the Van Gogh idea - I had the idea of stars but I wasnt quite sure where to go from there really! The dream catcher idea is also great- Again,I had the idea of dreams/nightmares but I didnt really know what activities this could lead to!
    I really appreciate your help! Thanks!

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