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Discussion in 'Art and design' started by jessicamelda, May 30, 2011.

  1. Hi,-If you teach or are involved in the delivery or implementation of creative subjects for students aged 14+ please can you give me your opinion...
    I want to know if there is a need for my fledgling business /social enterprise.
    It aims to provide Real-world Curriculum Enrichment for the creative syllabuses in the form of supplying an industry experienced professional to deliver a dynamic,interactive presentation on all aspects of working in an area of the creative industries.
    The professional highlights pathways,gives examples of real-world work and pros and cons of working in the creative sector; the presentation is based on their own individual experience.
    The sectors the professionals come from range from Make-up artist-to Games Design (covering the usual creative areas in between including music and drama)
    My questions are;
    1..Do you think that a 'real-world' industry based brief enhancment provision would be something that would significantly benefit your students?
    2..Given that budgets are tight but the demand for increasing quality of
    delivery and performance is high. What do you feel would be a
    reasonable, affordable rate for a sec school/f.e. college for a
    (The presentation is 1.5 hours with follow up assignment left for teacher. )
    3. Would a decreasing fee structure for same day re-delivery of presentation to different classes make a real difference to the desirability of service?(i.e. second delivery is 50% less, 3rd is 60% ,4th is 70% discounted) do you think it is practical and reasonable to adjust classes to accomodate this?
    4. Would you see this provision as something that would make a positive and significant impact on your Ofsted report ?
    5.. Would you see an eCRB of the professional as desirable or essential or not neccessary?
    Thank you so much for taking the time to respond I would also really appreciate any feedback that falls outside of my set questions- I am always eager to learn from others.

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