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Creative Curriculum (Chris Quigly style)

Discussion in 'Primary' started by paulie86, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. paulie86

    paulie86 New commenter

    I am moving to a Primary School in 2012, when my middle school shuts. The school I am moving to follows these plans. All subjects bar Maths, English and ICT are taught through 'topic' I have already spent one day planning with the new year 5 teacher, (also a middle school teacher, starting 2011) and we both feel so overwhelmed! How do you cope with the planning and ensuring coverage of the whole curriculum? What are the benefits, as apposed to teaching discrete subjects?
  2. Hi there,
    my school adopted the Chris quigly style a few years ago now and it does work well to make the curriculum more interseting to teach as both the class teacher and the pupil. I even try to link in ICT, English and Maths if I can then the children know that in a particulalr term they research just that subject, for example 'rainforests'. However, what I have found this year in my year 3 class is that I have actually only science twice. Geography some how took over as the children really enjoyed it. But then when boks are checked in teh termly trawls I had no science in! I'm moving to key stage one next year and have decided to continue with the Chris Quigly as my school wants, but ensure I have discete lessons of science, geog and his within the week. Then I know I'm covering everything. Not sure if this has helped at all but good luck!
  3. paulie86

    paulie86 New commenter

    Thank you for your reply. Science has been my big issue during the planning. The teacher currently at the school, who was helping us plan kept saying thisng like oooh they need to do plants or circuits again as they won't have done them since Year 3. Science is my subject and I wasn't sure if I was just being precious, but couldn't see how all the KS2 Science curricum is being delivered. Suppose I just need to get on and try it. Just feel very nervous as it is something new, not helping that I am being seconded to another closing middle school next year first!
  4. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    If you do the Chris Quigley training he says that it is impossible to make everything fit in a topic/theme and sometimes things need to be taught discretely.
    Having said that as long as the NC curriculum requirements are covered over the year does it really matter if no science is taught one half tem as long as the next half term's topic is science "heavy"?
  5. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    What I've done in the past is to write down all the topics which need to be covered across the curriculum in that particular year. (Our LA has all objectives broken down into either years or at least Upper or Lower KS.)
    Then look at what can be integrated into the topics covered. Anything left over, and there will be as some units just don't fit anywhere else is taught discretely during the year. You can even have a Science 'Forces' week' if time is tight.
  6. paulie86

    paulie86 New commenter

    Thanks for comments guys. I am feeling a little more reassured that some topics can be taught discretley. If I could just get into this way of thinking and planning!
  7. ICT should fit into the CC really easily. Our science does too, but as Msz says some themes are science heavy, some are geography, some are history. We don't try and cover all in one theme, but pick what fits best, ensuring we have good coverage over the course of the year. Our maths and RE are taught more discretly, but the rest fits into the themes well.
  8. upsadaisy

    upsadaisy New commenter

    In our school we have science based topics, history topics and geography topics that ensure good coverage. Usually 3 science topics. So for example in Year 4 this year I did 'Our bodies' and we covered bodies and forces, D.T. was pop up/moving books (based on our bodies), we made clay body models, ICT we learned how to use databases and make graphs based on our body measurements/investigation. I teach all the science in 4 weeks, then a week of D.T., a week of Art.

    I think the problem is when people try to take a mainly history based topic and cram in some science. Try to avoid tenuous links.

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