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Creative curriculum and literacy planning for Y1

Discussion in 'Primary' started by pepperg, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. Next term I am starting my second year in Year 1. This year has gone well but I think it could have been better. My collegue and I were both NQTs following old ideas and planning. We never felt very passionate about what we were teaching and really want to shake things up a bit next year. Our school has not subscribed to the 'creative curriculum' yet as they are hard and fast believers in QCA but we find it a little dull.
    We were wanting to still work with the science topics to ensure coverage over their time at school but other than that we want to change things.
    Does anyone have any ideas for topics or any long term planning that I could possibly have a look at? We're thinking 'ourselves' as usual for the first half of term and then moving to 'light and dark' for the next term which will look at witches but other than that I'm not sure.
    Also, what books would anyone recommend to teach 'ourslves' with to go with stories with familiar settings?
    Any advice, ideas, planning etc would be very helpful!
  2. Any ideas?
  3. We have been following a creative curriculum for two years now. I am teaching year 1 next year-we are doing just three themes but we are also starting off with an 'ourselves' type theme called "it's amazing to be me". If you give me your email I will attach my planning so far.

  4. Hey...

    I too, am in year 1 starting the term with ourselves topic and would love to have a look at your planning for some inspiration...


    Many Thanks

  5. helskie26

    helskie26 New commenter

    steamboat- please could I be cheeky and ask for a copy of your planning as I am going to be in year 1 next eyar and I want to trya nd make it as creative as possible.
  6. It's great to read of a fellow teacher having the balls to do this - and if the teachers are a bit more passionate about what their teaching, then so will the kids about their learning.
    Once term is underway, you could always ask the kids what topics they want to study - I do this, admittedly with older primary children, but I would think even year ones can come up with a few meaty topics. Basing a topic around something they already know a little bit about is quite a good idea as it builds on their background knowledge and vocabulary. Don't try to do too much too soon. I would work on developing the Ourselves topic, experiment with it and get that right, before worrying too much about other topics.
    Remember to link the activities with learning objectives - this helps with planning anyway - and if the powers-that-be in your school kick up a fuss, just point out that the objectives are being covered just as with the QCA, only better.
    And remember the old adage, it's easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission, so go for it!
    Oh, and please can we not let this thread descend into yet another "please can I be cheeky and ask you to email me your stuff" [​IMG] discussion that plagues this board. It would actually be nice if people could contribute their thoughts and ideas, instead of being parasites.
  7. I would be really grateful for any help on planning - please send it to yodas_love_child2001@yahoo.co.uk.
    I look forward to hearing from you. Have you any ideas for books. I have chosen two - 'don't do that' (about a little girl who gets her finger stuck up her nose and everyone tries to help her) and 'what would we do without missus Mac' basing it around people who help us.
  8. Thank you for your support. I have just discovered that we have 2 inset days coming up about the creative curriculum that none of us knew about so that might stir something up in the school amongst some.
    That's really good advice to just focus on one at a time because we have been getting a bit overwhelmed by the thought of all the topics.
    Anyone got any ideas about how you could link an 'under the sea' topic with the curriculum as we really think that might produce some lovely work (art and literacy) but not sure how we can link it to science/history/geography.
    Thanks for all your help x

  9. Science
    Materials- Building a boat, submarine, home for a fish. What different materials are waterproof?
    Forces- Push and pull, floating and sinking (link to materials- which items float and sink)
    Sound & Hearing- Making own water instuments- with bottles. Could instruments be heard under the water?

    You could look at holidays from the past at the seaside/ beach. How would people have dressed and where we the different holiday destinations? Can the children relate this to their own past and a seaside holiday? Could tentatively link this to a study of famous people- ie The Beatles and look at the lives of them (linked with music, In a yellow submarine and Octopus' Garden)
    Barnaby Bear could travel to a seaside or tropical destination. Link to seaside holidays from the past and where the popular destinations around the UK where and are now. Depending upon where you live you could visit a local beach to study and compare to a contrasting locality (where they would find sealife) like a tropical beach.

    I know some of the ideas are related to some of the exisitng QCA documentation but perhaps this could be a good way of implenting it into your school and then when you feel more confident (and the SMT are happier with everyone working in this way) you could get rid and replace them with some of your own ideas.

    Hope this has helped
    Em xx
  10. Sorry for the typos!
    Was thinking you could also use the Commotion in the Ocean book as this is lovely for art related and Literacy work!
    We are going to be having a similar topic next year called 'Oh I do like to be beside the seaside' I cant wait [​IMG] xx
  11. I am in Year 1 too and want to make it more exciting.
    I want to open up the Ourselves topic and think about changess in their lives and link toys from their past in, so there will be lots of literacy, art, science and personal history in.
    I also want to do an under the sea topic - so far I have art and literacy too (fiction - the Rainbow fish, The Fish Who Could Wish, sea poetry, non-fiction about sea creatures) thought about looking at Coral Reef for inspiration and geography, and floating and sinking in science. Haven't decided for sure yet.
    I'm still thinking about possible topics. Does anyone have any fab ideas?
  12. Thank you for all your help, it's great. Thanks Em for your ideas. We are Year 1 and would love to link the seaside in but they do it in year 2 but the ideas for science are great and maybe we could link it to the beatles as we don't do enough in music.
    Thank you for the suggestion for commotion in the ocean, I had been told about this before but had forgotten - could really link this to poetry on a theme.
    How on earth would I teach the beatles though, what do you tell them - I would love to teach this but have no idea where to begin. I guess Wikipeadia might be a starting point?!
    Anyone with any other ideas would be greatly appreciated.
    Anyone else tackling the creative curriculum and feeling a little overwhelmed? xx
  13. Hi I'm in a Year 1 class (my second year). From Sept we are having a whole school creative curriculum approach - fantastic but very scary for some.
    We are starting the year with Ourselves but as Reception cover the body etc we're going to split the topic into:
    My healthy self - lots of healthy living stuff, the tiger who came to tea, keep fit etc
    My spiritual self - visit to mosque and church, rules for classroom, being a good friend etc
    My future self - wishes, what i want to be when i grow up, recycling and reusing, looking after ourselves and our world. Thought about using Willie the dreamer and Dinosaurs and all that rubbish.
    Throughout this we'll run art - mood boards.
    In the second half term we'll be doing our christmas production so this year we have planned - Nothing! We're going to be guided by the theme of our play and look at local heroine Gracie Fields with a visit to the local theatre.
    Phew! God knows if it'll work but that's the beauty of what we're doing. If the children don't like it we can change it as we're not rigid and stuck anymore.
    In terms of planning we're using the NC and Ros Wilson skills.
    Hope this is of some use - it's just nice to put down all the ideas flying around my head!
    Kel x
  14. We had this problem too (with Y2) so we decided to work together and now have a 2 year rolling programme with elements from both of our year groups in it!
    As for The Beatles- We shared a picture of the group and listened to some of their music and asked the children who they thought it could be. Some interesting ideas- one of them said "Oh Miss I am off to see them in concert next week." Which was met with laughter from my TA's and myself!!
    You could then link this to the songs and tell them a little about each of the members, perhaps you could even link it to Liverpool and how it compares to where you live (some Geography there hehe)
    Wikipedia and google images would be a good starting point- you never know someone out there might have already done a powerpoint on them!
    You should have a chat with your Y2 and see if you could work together which would allow you to do some seaside things [​IMG] They can only say no!
    Em xxx
  15. Hi
    I have found this a really interesting post, I am moving to Year 1 and whilst I have done it before so I have ideas I am new to the creative style planning and planning for provison areas - is anyone prepared to share a copy of their planning to show me their style of planning rather than the content.
    Thanks jennysturgeon@hotmail.co.uk

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