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Creative Classroom Spring/Summer workshops

Discussion in 'Primary' started by ebramley, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. Pleased to announce the Spring/Summer program bering creativity in to the classrooms!

    The Olympics

    ++++(Using a creative learning pedagogy we will explore the Olympics, what sportsmanship means as well as the Paralympics. We will be using drama and art to bring the classroom alive and make the learning irresistible!
    What about the curriculum?
    All of my workshops give opportunity for emergent writing to happen and for rich speaking and listening.
    KS1: Literacy, PSHE or Literacy and DT *
    KS2: Literacy, PSHE or Literacy, Science, Geography*)++++

    Charles Dickens (KS1/2)+++
    (To celebrate Mr Dicken?s 100th birthday we have planned a creative introduction to the man himself, the times he lived in and some of his most famous characters. Through his writing we will explore what life was like a long time ago, how people lived and, in particular, what life was like for a child growing up in that era. (History, Literacy)??)+++

    Social Networking (Yr5/6)+++ (An exploration using drama and art to highlight the dangers and issues around social networking for children. This is focused around giving out personal information on social networks and how to use them responsibly. (PSHE)
    This workshop can be adapted for parents!)+++

    The Giant Girl (KS1)+++
    (Is she lost? Is she sad? What will happen to her?
    Through creative learning practices we will explore interactive storytelling, structuring and sequencing stories based on a giant girl. The group will create the story their own story through a range of creative methods. (Literacy))+++

    The Titanic (KS1/2)+++
    (This program focuses on exploring the story of the Titanic through some of the individual stories of some of the passengers on the voyage. Children will explore a range of different points of views and the difficult decisions that had to be made during the disaster. (History, Literacy, PSHE))+++

    Email me for rates or to talk through ideas!+++

    India/Charity Day for Sacred Heart School, Darjeeling, India
    (Last year I was lucky enough to visit India to teach in a small rural village. To help support the school and the children I am offering schools an India/Charity day workshop. We will explore either India or the idea of charity and global citizenship through the children inventing, creating and exploring depending on what you would like!
    The cost is a minimum contribution of £200 of which ALL will be given directly to the school. The school supports children from a massive community (a 3hr daily walk for some children!) and has just been devasted by an earthquake. They are hoping to become an exam center so that children don?t have to pay the huge fees the city center school charges and will help 36 other schools! It costs £150 for a child?s fees, uniform, exams and shoes for a whole year.
    Workshops are available throughout the spring and summer term on the last Friday of every month. )+++

    +++Each workshop is self contained but here at The Bramley Apple Creative Company everyone knows we don?t just leave it there! Each workshop will be accompanied by a pack full of extensions and cross curricular ideas so that the work can be continued and developed even after we have gone! You can fill my time as you want so you may want small sessions with a range of classes or more focused work in a few classes. We are flexible!
    *While these are set packages I aim to make them as bespoke as possible to your school and children and are firmly rooted in the NC so feel free to specify the curriculum you would like to explore!+++


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