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Creative and Media Diploma PGCE help.

Discussion in 'Media studies' started by niccccc, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. Hi everyone. I'm thinking of starting a Creative and Media Diploma PGCE and I need some advice. I want to be a Media Studies teacher, would the C&M PGCE equip me to do this? I don't want to be pigeonholed into teaching the Diploma as I think I'd be more suited to teaching a Media Studies A Level, just these PGCEs are pretty much non-existant! Would a school take me on to teach an A Level Media class with this Diploma PGCE?

    I also have a few questions about GTPs, how would I be able to do a media one of these? Do I just ask a school to take me on to do a media GTP? (I'm aware it's not quite this easy!) Or are media GTP non-existant too?

    I'm a little confused so any help would be greatly appreciated! :)
  2. No; diploma is much more about the business/plannign side rather than practical side of media.
    depends on the school and whether they need staff. imagine they;d want practical skills.
    if you can find a school that wants a gtp media teacher. i haven't heard of any, but it'd be a good idea to speak to your local college where you'd do your gtp and ask them.
    IMO the diploma is awful; kids disappointed, likely to be axed eventually. What is your background - do you have media exp/degree. if so, perhaps english or media pgce would be better suited. as far as i kno there are only a couple of colleges that do media pgce though.
    good luck.

  3. Hello. I appreciate your worries as I went through the same thing. I am currently on the Creative and Media PGCE and have just applied for media teacher vacancy, as, like you want to teach media but only two PGCEs exist! What is your background? I am an ex journalist with an industry background in media and comms. In my placement school I taught the diploma but in my next one I am hoping to do this and a bit of media and English too. Several of my colleagues on the course are in the same boat. Obviously it depends on the school but the diploma allows you to do some many different things - I've taught a bit of the campaign module of the higher diploma and there's loads of media in that. Obviously you come out with a PGCE at the end of it, same as everyone else.
    You'd never have a full time table if you taught the diploma - maybe a day or two a week so you'd have to teach something else so media or somethign related depending on your degree/experience would be ideal.
    If you can find a school with a media GTP though that's also a good option, I'd say consider both but don't rule out the diploma.
    Just my thoughts as a (mature-ish!) trainee!
    Good luck x
  4. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    I would be very wary of the C&M Diploma below Level 3. Whilst it may be working in the colleges I have some serious doubts that it will survive funding cuts in high schools, especially as Heads will be scrabbling to boost their English Baccalaureate results in the next few years.

    By all means take the course but set your sights on 16+ employment.
  5. Check out The White Paper and Alison Wolff who is doing a review into vocational education. As far as I know, the Diploma hasn't been scrapped, nor will it be (because too much money was pumped into it), it is just compulsory anymore for LEAs to provide the Diploma to it's students. It's basically the schools decision if they want to run it or not.
  6. ** I meant it's NOT compulsory anymore for LEAS to provide the Diploma...

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