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Creating the Curriculum! WHY?

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by coldmetal, Jan 21, 2017.

  1. coldmetal

    coldmetal Occasional commenter

    Why do FE colleges just expect lecturers to come in and create the curriculum (student assignments)??! Creating these assignments often takes an enourmous amount of time - between 5 - 20 hours to create - mapping criteria into Btec and other qualifications and getting them IV'd making amendments etc etc is simply a vast amount of work. I have found that most colleagues play their cards close to their chest with these and teachers kind of treat them as their own resources! In a way I can see why, because they created them, they built them and modified and perfected them! This makes it difficult. The organisations should pay you and buy the copyright of these or make it clear and force these teaching and learning resources to be publicly available - In fact Govermnet should specify shared teaching and learning informatio n Btec or UAL or OCR should get Lecturers to publish all registered assignments as freeware for all Lecturers to see and use - If One needs a new assignment i.e. Unit 3 branding in Art & Design one should be able to go on and flick through 100's of freely available assignments - assignments that have been taught and IV'd and approved as good
  2. saluki

    saluki Lead commenter

    Then students would be able to share the answers too thus ensuring that they would all be able to get distinctions. This is why coursework assignments for academic subjects is kept on part of the site which can only be accessed by teachers. This is why coursework is being phased out - too much cheating.
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  3. yodaami2

    yodaami2 Lead commenter

    My understanding is that resources created whilst working at a school belong to the school. And as such should be accessible to others employees. There is no issue with students knowing the answers to BTec assignments because answers are myriad. The OP just wants the assignments I believe, and as someone who has written BTecassigments blindly ( little help from EdExel) I understand what a thankless task it is. We wrote ours collaboratively and they are all accessible to the rest of the faculty.
  4. coldmetal

    coldmetal Occasional commenter

    if you search for the Btec course codes you find many blogs as often lecturers get students to create a online blog as the place where their work is displayed - Each student though has their own course work and are different to each other as they are in a class of 20 no two are the same and also turn it in flushes out plageurists
  5. coldmetal

    coldmetal Occasional commenter

    My understanding is that the resources are owned by the college - However my experience and the practice is that often faculty members play their cards close to their chest - keeping Assignments often most of their resources and including schemes of work and other things on drives that are not accessible to other members of staff of management. So that incumbent's personal stock is kept higher because if they leave or are fired then the managers or colleagues or new staff member has to re-build a whole curriculum - just like I had to and then because of poor advertising the colleges intake was too low to run the course - so I was told to merge with media TV and create 10 completely new assignment briefs restricted to the briefs the TV & Film unit were already running! so try run a course for graphic design students on a media and project management curriculum and spend 100 hours re-writing the course or more while teaching and course tutoring on other courses... along with all the new scheme and lesson plans and all the other constant admin barrage -

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