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Creating exercises based on texts.

Discussion in 'Science' started by mlapworth, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. mlapworth

    mlapworth Occasional commenter

    See these interactive exercises based on a text about the development of the embryo / foetus during pregnancy:


    (This link is to a menu screen from which you can choose various exercises as well as read the text.)

    You can make and share similar resources based on your own texts using the textivate site.

    You can also link to particular exercises, such as these examples based on the same text:

    Gap-fill (words change each time, can opt to view/hide words)http://www.textivate.com/gapfill-5lcjn1

    Initials: http://www.textivate.com/initials-5lcjn1

    Put text in order (4x4): http://www.textivate.com/4x4-5lcjn1

    You can also embed exercises on your own blog or website. See this example, which shows an exercise in Spanish, but explains how to embed:

  2. Roboteer

    Roboteer New commenter

    Thank you for sharing that - it looks a really useful site. We have a big drive on trying to improve literacy across our school at the moment so I can see myself making good use of it.
  3. mlapworth

    mlapworth Occasional commenter

  4. This looks like a great tool to use, I was wondering about embedding into Fronter which does not support iFrames, I am not that technologically minded but have managed to embed it as an object so it shows in Fronter however though the buttons eg "Check" "+ tiles" etc work you are not able to move the boxes around and switch them with another one. Just wondering if anyone has managed to solve this?
  5. Great tool - just needs to be used with caution. I have just scored 0/16 on the chemical reactions exercise through making "All the right sentences but not necessarily in the right order". Cue disaffected youth.
  6. mlapworth

    mlapworth Occasional commenter

    If you choose auto-check you get immediate feedback each time you move a tile, so you don't have to click "Check" at the end of the exercise.
  7. mlapworth

    mlapworth Occasional commenter

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