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CRBs for direct supply

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by guiding_star, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. I've had some interest by some local schools for direct supply - which is the route I'd prefer to go down. My agency are pretty ****. BUT I don't have a CRB for the local council - and I can't get one without signing up to the council's supply agency (which I only just found out existed) and that will take like 4-6 weeks to process and I'm applying for jobs anyway OR if a school does the footwork for me. This happened to me where I used to live when I was still a student - the school put in the footwork and (very kindly - they really wanted me!) footed the bill aswell (which I'm not expecting now). But I don't know any of the schools well enough I think for them to offer to put the CRB through - any suggestions on how to get over this problem?
  2. I live in the vicinity of 5 local authorities but only one has a list. I signed up to that one purely to get direct work with the school. They check references and health for the council too. Some local school won't rake independents because of this. I am also lucky in that a friend if my mum is a head in another lea and has offered to put a crb in for me and pay for it meaning I should be ok in all the schools that way - not my closest or preferred Lea but may get work.

    Interestingly I did do some work for a music service a couple of years ago who said that they were happy to take my other employers crb firm and gave me a couple of hours a week in a school.

    Apparently we only need 1 crb so it's all a bit daft and I only got the lea one recently for their list as they insist and they also pay.

    I have an agency crb and the agency covers the 5 local areas. I am advertising myself to do freelance tutoring and workshops in schools for staff and kids and have stated that I am crb cleared, which I am via the agency as well as the local authority.

    Also the police may offer somewhere to do it. Otherwise either ask a school and offer to pay. The crb will still take a few weeks though so the local list may be better as they can vet you properly.
  3. If you have a CRB with a local agency then the schools should accept portability. Certainly I had no trouble with this.
  4. For portability, where that is accepted, not all accept it, generally I have found they expect the CRB to be within the last three months, even if you have taught in that time
  5. Unfortunately you could be stuck with the 4-6 week wait portability of your current CRB isn't accepted. LEA agencies is a little more complicated than LEA lists, in that the agency could well be adverse to you working independently and some have been known to say their CRB won't be transferable (ie they won't accept responsibility for you with regard to other schools).
  6. omitted "if", "if the portability...."
  7. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    They don't have to accept responsibility if anything goes wrong when you are working independently. The school that employes you necessarily accepts responsibility when they recognise portability of your CRB.
  8. That becomes a very strong argument against all portability. The powers that be are meant to contact the named Employer's person if events take that turn, eg questions are raised or someone is banned. The employer can easily terminate employment, but if portability has been used, and then there is no communication to the other employers, the employments elsewhere could carry on as before. They won't even know where else the supply may be working, as they haven't kept record of portability requests. Prospective employers most likely would turn down a supply if the originator of the CRB declined to cooperate. The prospective employers are supposed to take the originator's contact address when vetting the work application and check with them that all is fine.. That's how it's been told to me, it makes safeguarding sense.
  9. I've since found that there is something called 'List 99' in which employers wishing to employ you on a one off basis can check that you are cleared with a CRB - which is quite useful. In the meantime I have decided to sign up with the council's supply agency - I can use their CRB in schools independently, it still involves a wait but I don' think there is anything else I can do!
  10. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    List 99 is not connected to the CRB.
    It is af list, maitained by the DfES, of people with a black mark against their name who are banned from working with children.
    See details at http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/article787359.ece
    I have been employed in the past based on not being on List 99, whilst awaiting CRB clearance.


  11. I've known some allow work whilst awaiting a CRB if it is a renewal

    I once worked for a LEA agency, beginning with E..., which got very angry with supply getting the vetting then using it to work directly with schools. Threatened to terminate work on the grounds I mentioned previously. I, myself, had always played fair with them regarding the idea of "introduction", but many supply went behind the agency's back to work directly. . I ended up with twp CRBs for any LEA covered by them, working for the agency, and directly with a different set of schools

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