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CRBs and address changes

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by robyn147, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. I have a CRB. It is has a different address to my current address as I went and moved. The agency have said I need a new CRB and will not accept portability as it was done with a different agency.
    Oh - and apparently the LEA insist that a CRB is done with them or with the current agency.
    I have nothing to hide. I am annoyed because the agency had offered me work starting Monday but have had to withdraw it because of the different address and the CRB not being with them.
    The fact that I have been teaching full time in a school for the last year and a half is of course irrelevant.
  2. The portability stubborness thing's the more annoying one - I can't see the address being an actual issue considering I worked for the lifetime of my last CRB under my maiden name after I got married without any bother - I just used to carry around my wedding certificate and explain the situation, school photocopied that along with my CRB and no problems were ever had... and that's much more of a big deal than someone moving house really. That was all fairly recently as well (that CRB only finally expired at the start of the summer as I recall) so well after everything got massively tightened up in terms of needing a new CRB to go have a poo on a morning levels. Doubt you'll get any joy if they're just refusing to take portability - always hit and miss with agencies doing that anyway - one of mine would take portability, but wouldn't allow portability on CRBs they'd paid out for (can kind of understand the logic there since they didn't charge their regular teachers to get CRBs done), others always insisted on their own individualised CRBs at your own cost (and with a markup meaning you shoudl flipping well have had it chiselled in tablets of solid gold).
    Didn't want to teach longer than necessary under my maiden name as it's a flipping nightmare to spell, a nightmare for kids to say/remember and my married name's actually an easier one to have to deal with!
  3. So tired I am of CRB nonsense, and the restriction of stopping people with no convictions from working!
    I would be happy if they just injected a microchip in my neck. Electronically updated every so often by WI FI. The school receptionist simply passes a bar code scanner across my neck.
    It would be a better option on the 'liberty' front than the CRB insanity which now prevails.
    With agencies I always try it on, show my present CRB and see if it will rock and roll.
    I also hate having photo ID and my CRB mostly with a different agencies name in my bag.
    I hate CRB


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