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CRB worries

Discussion in 'Personal' started by robin1991, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. Hi, just after a bit of advice really! I have been offered a conditional place on a SCITT course from September, but am a little worried as i received a police reprimand for theft 3 years ago. I did put this on the form that i filled in on the interview day, and have been offered a place still but am a little worried incase anyone higher will come back and say that its not okay?
    Has anyone been in, or know anyone in a similar situation?

  2. It's difficult to say what might happen in your case but I know someone who had started their SCITT and done about 3 months before he was 'let go' due to a previous conviction for theft that showed up on his CRB check. He had declared it in his application and at interview but was still taken on. It seemed that the information revealed by the CRB check frightened off the school who had taken him. There may well have been other reasons that he didn't share with me though.
  3. I know that two people on my PGCE had convictions one for assult and one for possession of class c drugs and they both passed and got permenant contracts.
  4. That's really worrying. Really.

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