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CRB phone call - going to worry all weekend now

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by Bobby_Carrot, Jun 17, 2011.

  1. Have had a message on my answerphone from the LA recruitment office saying that there is 'a query with my CRB check'. I have no criminal convictions and have never been in trouble with the police so have no idea what this could be unless it is a query over something that I have missed on the form - but the lady in the office checked it before I left and didn't notice anything.
    I only filled the form in at my new school last Monday (6th June) so logic is probably telling me that the form an't have come back already as they normally take a few weeks and the school have just sent it to them and they have spotted something I have filled in wrong. I have never had a 'query' before and have filled in loads of these so I am really worried now... which is ridiculous because I don't have anything to be worried about.
    Why do they always phone on a Friday so you can't do anything about it at the weekend?
    Anyone else ever had any 'queries' after sending a form in?
  2. cally1980

    cally1980 Established commenter

    My middle name was queried as when I changed my name by deed poll (as a teen, from dads surname to mums) they left out my middle name. I had no idea and included it on forms. I felt rather strange when I found out id list part of my name!!!
    My friend has had hers queried as she has moved but she still has mail going to her parents address.
  3. Sillow

    Sillow Lead commenter

    I don't have a CRB query, but today I got an email regarding a flat I'm buying - something I apparently said on the application might cause problems.
    I know how you feel. I will worry all weekend, too.
  4. It sounds like it might be something small missing. I used to verify these for people going to work in care homes etc. and the CRB were always sending them back for really minor things then we would have to ring up the applicant and double check the info. Once I had a guy whose address was Bedford, and the CRB sent it back because we had forgotten to completed the county .... you'd think they could work that out?!

    Hope it works out ok for you!
  5. I had mine queried. It was just something to do with the name I had not given not matching up with something else on the form. The person in the office hadn't picked it up. I'm sure it's just something like that. Don't worry.
  6. Likely to be something small and daft. I'm always getting forms queried due to a change in the postcode system YEARS ago.
  7. Mine got queried too. Apparently the system couldn't cope with the fact that I said my title was Ms, yet my surname was the same one I had at birth. (Yes, dear computer, I have a partner and kids but I just never got married, and as I do not think my marital status is anyone's business but my own I choose to be a Ms). Seems the computer thinks you can only be a Ms if you've been married and divorced... and I guess if you were married but hadn't changed your name that would fox it too... I really wouldn't worry.
  8. This could be it then. I am a Ms and have my maiden name. Also it could be because I put down my previous name (i.e. married name) but on divorce I went back to using my maiden name - had it all done legally through the solicitors. Oddly though, I have had 3 CRBs in the past year and filled in the same info and it has never been queried before.
    I wonder if the person checking it is querying that because my previous name isn't a birth -----> married date but stuck in the middle of my life ie. 1989 --------> 1999 that is why she is querying it. Perhaps other people haven't picked it up because they didn't think it as odd - personally I don't see it as odd, but then I know people don't always fit neatly in to little boxes :)
  9. When I was a TA I had a similar weekend from hell, having been told there was a problem with my CRB which had been successfully processed about 18 months earlier.
    It transpires that when someone at the LEA was typing a list of staff members, dates of birth, CRB checks, etc., she accidentally put a cross in the wrong column for me, which suggested I had a criminal record! Many grey hairs and a few sleepless nights later, I was told it was all a mistake. Relief all round, but I have to say that no one apologised!
    I'm sure it will be something really small. I know it's easy for me to say don't worry, but I'm sure it will be fine!

  10. Turns out it was the maiden name/married thing. Odd no one has ever queried it before and I have had 3 checks in the last year owing to changes of work places. But hey ho. I just wish the lady who had phoned me had said 'We have a query with something written on your form' rather than 'We have a query with your CRB'. I guess it amounts to the same thing but the latter implies it is the CRB itself....

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