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CRB non-portability agency/school annoyance.

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by Ronson, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. Ronson

    Ronson New commenter

    I live in the North West and I was due to do some work at a school in a particular area through Agency B- only to have the work pulled as I apparently needed a CRB direct from Agency B, not the one that was made portable through Agency A. I know Lancashire County Council are pains about this, but this was another council. I've had more work from Agency A than Agency B, although Agency B do pay a fiver more on average. I'm considering getting a CRB direct from Agency B, although I'd have to pay for it. It might give me more work though - has anyone run into this nonsense? Surely a CRB's good no matter whether it was with Agency A or B?
  2. I had to pay for a CRB up front when I registered with another agency even though they said they would request portability for one of the 3 I already have to get me working as soon as references come through. It doesn't make any sense to me that they can get me working before their CRB comes through because of portability of another one. Why do they then have to have one of their own?
  3. Pennyforyourthoughts

    Pennyforyourthoughts Occasional commenter

    Here it is CRBs are not automatically transferable Agency to Agency. CRBs are transferable if the Agencies are both part of an accredited institution or similar. CRBs are transferable school to school in the same LEA. CRBs are not automatically transferable if you have a CRB for one LEA and want to work in another LEA .....you can ask for it to be verified or ask for one from the/a school to be carried out so you can work there ... best to offer to pay if it gets you work. Some schools will not do a CRB for you as a favour unless they wish to put you on their casual staff list. It is always good to be what I call 'work ready' at all times. That means make sure you are paid up for a Union membership, GTC registration and CRBs from Agencies or schools for the LEAs you may be looking to work with.
  4. One of the reasons that agencies are cagy about portability is that, although the document that matches yours is portable, the accompanying letter from the Chief Constable isn't. It is therefore much safer for each agency to get their own copy and, what the hell, it's the supply teacher who's paying for it.

    It's difficult to know just how many of these additional information letters there are. Teh teacher isn't allowed to know and the agencies and schools aren't allowed to say.
  5. Do you all have to pay for your own CRBs? I had to pay up front but was reimbursed by the agency after I'd worked a certain number of days.
  6. I have paid for mine , three so far and counting as none are portable. It is very annoying and starting to become costly. Does one register with several agencies in order to have more chance of finding work or stay with only one and not have to incurr the cost of CRB checks when there may not be any work forthcoming.
  7. MrMercedes

    MrMercedes New commenter

    The situation is ridiculous. I am an NQT and recently signed up with 3 agencies. Two are large well-known ones. The well known ones have accepted my last CRB no questions asked. The other one won't accept it as it says 'TA' not teacher. But i also suspect it was to do with LA as mentioned above. I also had to pay £59 instead of £44 and will need to go down to the local council to submit the application. The agency said its the LA who charges a £15 admin fee. How can each place play to different rules? I thought the CRB was just to protect children?

  8. You thought wrong. The CRB is to protect the *rs*s of whoever employs you if you do something wrong.

    The reason portability is becoming an issue, as I've mentioned before, is that any 'additional information' is not automatically portable.
  9. CRB = Another Tax.

    It also unfit for purpose
  10. emmadrg

    emmadrg New commenter

    The LA charging you a £15 admin fee is nothing short of disgusting. I would have given them £44 or a cheque for that amount and said "that's how much a CRB check costs". One of my agencies tried to charge me £50 but I sent them a cheque for £44. I can "understand" a leeching agency trying to charge an admin fee, but an LA? Wrong, just wrong.
    The sooner they get rid of CRB and come up with something more efficient the better. As a supply teacher I would rather pay £65 or £75 only once to be put on a database that schools and agencies etc could pay to access than fork out continually for CRBs.
    And of course a CRB is out of date on the day it is issued. This country needs a centralised police database pronto. Until they do then criminals and people who shouldn't be anywhere near children in a working environment will still slip through the net.

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