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CRB Delays

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by mararnril, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. The only problem can be if the CRB will have some information about you. If it will not because you have never been in trouble then just go ahead and hand in your notice. It is still only early July and you won't start placements until October probably.
  2. I'm sure we're going to the same uni, though different courses - in a rather large town on the South coast (don't want to name it on here)? How on earth there can be such a disparity between the approach of members of staff in the Registry department to the same issue!
    I called direct to the Education Dept yesterday afternoon, and while they did apologise profusely for their colleagues, all they said was that there was nothing they could do about it except let me start the course in the hope that it will come back on time - which is not guaranteed, as mine will have to go through the three different police forces in the different counties I have lived in.
    Sodding beauracracy!!!
  3. I have never in my life been in contact with the police.....however, neither had my ex uni flatmate who had an enhanced check last year, and found out that some girls in the flat below us in second year had been giving her name and address when caught on the public transport network of that city without paying. She had no way of proving that it wasn't her, but luckily her check was for the RSPCA and they were sympathetic [​IMG]

  4. *wink wink* I think you might be right!
    I called the admissions office so not sure which part of the uni that falls under.
    And now I am slightly worried that mine hasn't gone either. Oh well it's out of my hands and we don't actually start our placements until 25th September so that's quite a bit of time.
    They haven't cashed my cheque yet either which I find really odd. You think that would be the first thing they processed!
  5. Yep, they're part of the Registry - same department. If I was to make a similar omission in my current job I would, as my colleague bluntly pointed out this morning, be proverbially 'shot' by our divisional manager and be guaranteed to not survive the next round of redundancies!!!
    Ours aren't till the end of October, lucky you [​IMG]
    Oh dear, I daren't even check my bank this month, it will only make me depressed - especially as I still haven't been able to afford the books! But it hadn't been cashed when I last checked.
  6. I've not got many of the books. There is small print on our reading list that says "if you only read one read this" so that's what I am doing. Start as you mean to go on ;)
    Which reminds me I should really get on with that essay they set...
  7. Ditto, though I am out of the house from half 6 in the morning till half 6 at night with work, so I think I shall have to set aside a whole weekend to do it (good excuse to get the OH to actually do some ironing for once [​IMG])
    If in September I meet any straight-from-uni students saying they didn't have time over the summer to do the essay, I will try my hardest to restrain myself!
  8. I received my disclosure at the weekend. Phew! Have you managed to get yours back yet?
  9. How bizarre - I got mine on Saturday too! Lucky timing, as Monday was the last day I could hand in my notice at work and leave them enough time to hire someone new for me to hand over to.
    Just got to chase the parking permit now - oh, and do the rest of the reading, and the essay..... [​IMG]
    You got everything sorted (please say no)?!?.
  10. Well I have a room, a loan, a grant, a student back account (and importantly overdraft), I've logged onto studentcentral, I've had a chat with the Occupational Health Nurse, I've got my CRB back, I've read one and a bit books, and I've had an introductory email chat with my soon to be tutor. I think that's it for now. I don't need a car parking permit thank goodness.
    So I think just the reading, essay, and SEND tasks to do. Easy. :S
  11. And you win the crown of most organised PGCE student 2011-12!!! Well done you [​IMG]
    Thanks for reminding me - must do this this weekend!
  12. Well thank you very much :) I am 100% sure that I will not be able to keep it up past oh, let's be optimistic and say September 8th :)

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