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CRB checks

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by Pee2, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. Pee2

    Pee2 New commenter

    Hi all,
    I was wondering if anyone planning on.doing supply work has had similar problems to me re: CRB Check. I applied for it through a London Supply agency in September and it Still hasnt arrived. I havent committed any crime, but I can't work at my job because the administrative body responsible for proving my innocence can't process a form quick enough! Grrr! Has anyone else had similarly long waits? Do they know the reasons or any suggestions for speeding up the process? Shoulkd I apply for more through more agencies? Also - is it true that one legally needs a seperate CRB for each employer? That doesnt make sense to me as the CRB is deisgned to check the employee and not the employer, but several agencies seem to think that this is the case...

  2. Pee2

    Pee2 New commenter

    Sorryfor apalling spelling and grammar - am only a Drama teacher and been out of the classroom for 3 1./2 months due to lack of CRB [​IMG]...
  3. No thats abit odd. i applied mine in sep got it in nov and am also in LONDON. also you dont need to apply for each employer. mine i have used it with my other agency so its universal. However, it maybe a different case if its a nonteaching job.
    That said, your agency should be able to track it using your rerefence number atleast so you know the progress or if there is a problem. infact, if you have the refence number, you can give it to ua other agency they are also able to track it.
  4. PlymouthMaid

    PlymouthMaid Occasional commenter

    Now I was told that you did need one for each employer (although it is patently ridiculous). Some are evil and charge again but I think they should be able to do something called 'portability' to cover you for other employers. Year before last, I had 4 CRBs.
  5. This eCRB thing is one big money spinner! If you have a current one there will be a reference number and date of issue. As you know CRBs are valid for three years from the date of issue. It would be most unreasonable for the employer not to accept the existing and valid one that you have!
    CRBs are transferable.

  6. The unfairness of CRB. If your name is super common then it takes longer.
    If you have lived in other police authorities within 5 years then more police authorities involved.
    Tips if you have a passport then fill the number in.
    If you have a drivers licence number then fill that in as well.
    If you have been abroad then I do not want even to comment on that headache.
    For supply teachers just a massive expensive headache. And one does have to consider the right to work issue. This clumsy expensive waste of space system inhibits good workers from their right to work.
    Some agencies I have signed with have said, sign at the bottom and we will do the rest I have already presented an in date crb from another agency. Not smart as you really need to put the info in yourself. Who would trust an agency?
    CRB's I despise them.

  7. In my areas, the local LEAs will not now accept portability, they did a few years ago, but no longer. The CRB only lasts three years as long as you haven't gone three months without any work during that period. The six week summer holiday has counted as not working, plus 4 bad September weeks and it can get very tight.
    The agency or the LEA count as the employer, but in some LEAs where you have to register CRB through a particular school, then they may insist it is for that particular school only.
  8. jmntsp

    jmntsp New commenter

    Oh dear....shall I depress you with my CRB check story...yep, I will. Took me 8 MONTHS last year to get it sorted. I'd been out of teaching for 3 years (at home with baby) but was applying in the same county I've done all my 20 years teaching in. After providing them with DOB, address, NI number, GTC number, DFES number, Passport, Degree, PGCE, Birth Certificate, they came back to me and said there was someone on file with 'similar details' and would I go and be fingerprinted at the local police station to rule me out? Was told, 'if you do not agree to be finger printed then your CRB check will stop now and you will not be allowed to teach'. I pointed out to them that 'actually I was born on Bermuda - which is half a mile wide. I am the only person in the UK born in Paget, Bermuda that day - I am the only person in the world, in fact. Was the person with the criminal record born there?' This made no difference.

    So I took my four year old and his friend with me, thinking that any sensible police sergeant would hurry me through. Nope. The four year olds and I spent an hour and a half in the waiting room with three young men being charged with burglary and possession of stolen goods, and they were absolute *****. (The four year olds). I have to say the burglars were very nice to the boys. And laughed a lot when my friend's child announced to the desk sergeant that he was going to be a policeman when he grew up and MY child announced that he was going to be 'an assassin'.

    Anyway, having finally been fingerprinted (with ink everywhere) the police kindly told me that they would run my fingerprints for me because apparently the CRB can't do this. What happens is they get the prints and then send them BACK to the police again for checking. However, the police were apparently not allowed to tell me 'by law' whether I actually had a criminal record. (I don't) They had to send the results to the CRB and allow them to contact me. When I got hold of the CRB they told me they were just checking with local police forces (again) as to whether they had any information on me and that they were waiting on 4 police forces, but couldn't tell me which ones because they didn't have access to this information. When I asked them 'if you don't get a reply, how will you know who to chase up?' they were stumped and said they'd just have to wait. When I phoned my kindly police friends they laughed, and told me they'd check on it and then came back to me and said CRB had asked Northamptonshire, Wiltshire, Devon and Cornwall and Derbyshire for info on me. (I live in Lincs - never lived in any of these counties) Police kindly gave me phone numbers for all these county forces and I had to phone 'em up one by one and beg them to please check my info fast and let CRB know. (Embarassingly when woman at Wiltshire police asked me if I'd ever lived in Wiltshire I had to confess to only having a vague idea where it was and asked her to name her county town). Police were fantastic - processed it in a day. CRB then took another dozen phone calls and about another month to let me know I'd finally passed.

    All I can say to you is good luck and hope you don't have the same problems. Presumably God help you if your name is John Smith and you were born in Manchester Royal Infirmary. My suggestion is to ring the CRB and find out what is going on and then keep chasing police. Police were brilliant - CRB appear to be staffed by gum chewing Liverpudlians in a call centre who don't give a monkeys.
  9. brunetta

    brunetta New commenter

    Hi there
    I can't remember exact weeks now but my CRB for supply work took around 13/14 weeks to come through last summer. Another one for a volunteer at a local school took 18 (they both arrived at the CRB on the same day). This was despite me being CRB checked at least 5 previous times in the last 3 years with no problems i.e. CRB usually within 1/2 weeks.
    I chased and chased the CRB but basically all they said was that the police know about the delays but there was nothing they could do - there are just too many CRBs for them to cope with and they're overwhelmed.
    I contacted my MP stating how this meant that I couldn't earn etc etc and he also chased CRB for me. I got my supply agency CRB within a week after my MP contacted them.
    I'm with 2 supply agencies and for the second one I just signed a CRB portability consent form. They contacted the first supply agency and I could use the same CRB for both agencies. The main issue was that the CRB should be less than a year old. However, I think some agencies are a bit funny about CRBs and portability and I've heard that they insist on doing their own. Maybe that's 'cos the CRB check is only saying you're clear up until the date of issue of CRB i.e. you might have done something since the CRB was issued.
    I really do hope that, if we have to continue with this ridiculous system, they come up with a less time consuming, expensive way of doing this. I have to say that the very thought of having to go through the CRB process again gives me the shudders now.
    Good luck!
  10. crusell

    crusell New commenter

    Thanks for your info, it's clarified my situation, I got a crb for an LA in August , but because I've not worked for them for three months I've got to do another, I signed up for a social care agency and it came through in two weeks, the LA similar.
  11. jmntsp
    There's a teacher in Kent who went through all the same business of a person with the same name having a criminal record. It took ages to resolve his.
    It's not just CRB. My son has the same name and DoB as someone else who runs up debts he doesn't pay. Debt collectors will only stop when they receive a solicitors letter threatening them with a harrassment action. Then it starts all over again.You'd think in the 'information age' that organisations would be able to sort out their information.
  12. Pee2

    Pee2 New commenter

    OMG well, it seems I am doomed as I have been in Russia for two years. I have a Russian equivalent CRB, but if they are wanting a statement from Russian police, then I have no hope... I am seriously considering making an anti CRB pressure group. The system is mighty flawed. Thanks so much to everyone for sharing your stories and knowledge. It has been really useful to me. Am going to a) Get the number on my form from agency and chase CRB myself, b) write to my MP and c) perhaps try to make friends with a local policeman ;o)

  13. Last September I had 6 current CRBs, but with so little work 4 will have run past the three months last term, and I'm at the point of feeling I'd be spending £36 a time with little prospect of work in some areas so it is not worth renewing them all, just continuing with a couple.
  14. Pee2

    Pee2 New commenter

    If anyon wants to hear the end of my sorry tale. I contacted agency (again) having been told by their receptionist that my check was 'stage 4' with the police, on three previous occasions. I got the number of my CRB application form, called them, and was told that there had been no applicaton made in my name. THE AGENCY HAD SCREWED UP! i've been waiting three months and they've lied! I cried.
  15. brunetta

    brunetta New commenter

    I really can't believe it, poor you! How on earth did that happen?
    Really don't know what to say at the moment but just wanted to say how I really sympathise. Some agencies are just so awful...

  16. I signed up with an agency on Monday and my CRB came back today. I've been told that it is totally portable and that I should stress that if I sign up with any other agency. They assured me that I will not need to pay out again.
  17. "I've been told that it is totally portable". I think this means that this agency will be cooperative if another employer makes the request. The problem is, they cannot speak on behalf of other parties, who may insist on carrying out checks themselves. As has been written previously, the employer making the request is doing so at their own risk, and many will not take this risk in a zero risk climate.
    I think LEAs in particular would insist on doing their own checks.
  18. Agencies all share or port CRB's with very few exceptions. If you paid, then ethically, they have to share.
    The CRB processing goies to a differrent police station for each region on your 5 year address history, so someone with 50 addresses will wait a while.
    Most sensible people are aware of the time wasted getting 4 copies of the same document.
  19. lrw22

    lrw22 Senior commenter

    I applied for a CRB check in September after about 3 weeks when it hadn't come the supply agency tracked it and found that it was with our local police force and had been for about 2 weeks. I actually rang the police force and was put through to the disclosures department. I spoke to someone there and stressed that I was unable to work without the CRB check and was being prevented from making a living by the delay. The CRB check then came through within a week. It may be worth getting your agency to track the form and find out where it is "stuck" and then contact that organisation directly to ask them to hurry it up!!
  20. Unfortunately most of the LEAs now probably insist on their own checks, although a few years ago some did accept portability within three months of issue. In my areas, zero out of four LEAs accept portability. The over-riding principle is covering their own backs, not ethics.

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