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CRB checks with supply agencies

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by thandroo, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. Hi all. I recently gained QTS but struggling securing interviews. I have, however, managed to sign up with a supply agency. I want to know where I actually stand regarding CRB checks with agencies. I have a current enhanced CRB through my ITT, but had to gt another one for the agency. I have an interview tomorrow with another agency and they are also asking for payment for a CRB. So...question is - do I HAVE to get a CRB with each agency I sign up with? Why can't I use my ITT CRB? Can I utilise the new CRB through the first agency? I don't know what to do. Hope someone can shed some light on this for me!
  2. RING UP THE CRB AND GET THE BLOODY VALID LICENSE (oops) reference number!

  3. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    If you don't get the fees refunded because they don't give you enough work, you can at least claim tax relief on the fees from the Inland revenue.
    You can go back 5 or 6 years claiming tax relief.
    You can also claim it for the GTC fee and for the allowable portion of your Union fees.
    If you are on JSA, don't fork out for more CRBs unless the Jobcentre agrees to fund it. They can't make you register with an agency that requires you to cough up money to be employed.
  4. Who do the agencies and the bloody CRB think they are?
    Even the DVLA has a freely accessible online database that even the police use for checks so why cannot those stupid agencies check the CRB website rather than supply teachers having to complete and pay for yet another ECRB check?
    It is simply unacceptable and unnecessarily costly with online, checking and registration facilities available.
    I will not play this stupid, expensive, dimwitted bureacratic idiotic "game".

  5. [​IMG]One clear ECRB check and another plus yet another; and yet another?
    Are we all automatons fro the CRB?
    Some of us supply teachers are holding up to 10 completely CLEAR ECRBs! So tell me who, where are the actual criminals amongst us?
    Answer: The profiteering CRB itself, the agencies and the dimwit schools who love paperwork for its own sake??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  6. This is funny!!! [​IMG]
  7. Sorry about the format above (copy and paste)
  8. Portability means in simple English after a few ID security checks from a prospective checker/employer/caller A CHECK ON THE VALIDtyY OF THE ECRB VIA THE CRB Central Office so why do supply teachers have to tolerate this stupid bureacratic idiocy?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    ...the cost of a simple cal. Police, insurance companies do these checks so wht cannot the dimwit twits known as administrators follow suit???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????[​IMG]
  10. The NASUWT stated that agencies do not require separate CRB checks. However, they also say that this cannot be enforced?!

    Who administers the CRB checks? Answer = Capita, the very people requesting multiple CRB checks. This is not just immoral, it is completely corrupt.

    It is about time teaching agencies were strictly checked and monitored. After all, supply teachers have to be police checked, because they are guilty until proven otherwise.
  11. Pedigree, it is not possible for agency to JUST CALL the crb for information.
  12. Oh YES IT IS!
    The police and insurance companies use an online/0845... verification system e.g. for DVLA etc
    Of course it is possible!
    Very possible and far better than the present money-spinning and corrupt system that we currently "tolerate"????

  13. Oh YES IT IS!
    The police and insurance companies use an online/0845... verification system e.g. for DVLA etc
    Of course it is possible!
    Very possible and far better than the present money-spinning and corrupt system that we currently "tolerate"????
  14. In the year that I was trying to find work through agencies I signed up with about 25 of them; between them all I only got about 6 days work. Being science and maths and living in London, I had hoped for more than this.
  15. Stop preaching!
    It is absolutely possible to do a CRB check that is valid and up-to-date by ringing/contacting the actual originator of the ECRB as the police/insurance agencies do.
    Stop defending a corrupt, moneyspinning, bureacratic system and CONTRADICTING YOURSELF BY GIVING EXAMPLES that actually show what a flawed system you are dimwittedly supporting.
    Can any ECRB be completely up-to-date with court cases taking months?
  16. It is utter foolishness/stupidity to part with £900 for what?????????????????????????????????
    What do those bureacrats at the CRB actually do for the £900????
    Just photocopy the same document over and over, send you a copy and the agency another! Utter stupidity.

  17. Well I'm not sure where that happens. In my experience every single new employer demands a new CRB which I pay for.
  18. At last an intelligent response.
    The reference number is clearly visible, unique and quotable on the ECRB document!
    So why do the dimwits out there still spout all the costly nonsense and balls?

  19. But what about those wanting supply work with out an agency? How do you get a CRB check if you can't apply yourself?
  20. I sympathise with this CRB nonsense: signing on with agencies last year, I burned my way through about £800. I cannot understand why so many CRBs are needed, or wanted.
    Every agency wants to do there own CRB, even though CRBs are portable
    Every three months, a new CRB is requested from agencies, if you have not worked for them.
    Every time they send you to a new school, they charge you for a new CRB, even though your others are valid, usually giving the excuse that 'the school insists on it'.
    Often, if an agency is recruiting for a school, and some schools as well, insist on a new CRB for each application, which is, in effect, a tax on applications.
    Ridiculous to my mind!

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