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crb check- advice needed please!

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by fazz123, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. i have contacted some schools about going in to observe lessons and have been told by one that i can do this at their school but i need crb check first. i have never needed a crb check in the past.the lady told me that i need to apply for this myself but the crb website says that individuals cant apply themselves. im a bit confused- can i apply myself? has anyone done this? and would i need the standard or enhanced disclosure?
    any ideas how long it takes?

    many thanks!
  2. You can't apply for a CRB yourself, the school should provide this for you if you volunteer. You shouldn't really need a CRB to observe a few lessons as you shouldn't be left alone with the children.
  3. hmm thats what i thought. the lady i spoke to didnt say much apart from you need to get your crb and then you can come in. when i asked her if i can do it myself she said yes i have do it myself but didnt seem to know much about how to go about it. I kind of feel like I dont really want to speak to her again as she wasnt very helpful so i may wait to see if hear back from any of the other schools ive emailed!
    im just thinking- would a school want to pay to get a crb check for someone who may just be coming for a few hours? is it worth their while?
  4. Why do you want to observe lessons. Is it for a future job, is it because you don't know if you want to work in schools. There has to be a reason. Have you approached the head teacher and had a talk with him. It's unusual for schools to allow people who have no relationship with the school just to walk in and observe lessons. Safeguarding is exceedingly high in schools.
  5. A CRB for a volunteer seems to take longer than one you'd get from an agency. It's also unlikely to have portability. If you already have some experience, consult some teaching agencies that you're looking for TA work and require a CRB check. Mine took a couple of weeks and was available to all my other agencies/schools, while my volunteer one came back after two months.

    The school I observed in let me observe without all of this, making sure I cleared the initial police lists. So long as another adult is around at all times, there shouldn't be a issue if you're just observing.
  6. i want to observe lessons or volunteer in the school as im looking to get a job as TA/LSA but dont have previous experience. I have explained my situation and my reasons in an email which i sent to a couple of schools. i dont have a problem with having to be CRB cleared but just wondered about the process. i thought as the lady worked in the school she would know the correct procedure but i guess she didnt.
    thanks for letting me know about the teaching agencys- how does this work? do they find placements for you even as a volunteer?
    im just starting to think about working as a TA so want to get experience in a school, to see for myself what its all bout and to put me in good position when i apply for any jobs- esp as there seems to be a lot of competition!
  7. rolls

    rolls New commenter

    If you arrange to volunteer regularly at a school then the school will help you with the CRB application. Alternatively if you sign up to do a course at a college to help you become a TA then the college will help you apply for a CRB. In either scenario you will probably need to pay for the CRB. Schools might allow you in to observe for the odd day but they would need someone to vouch for you, probably another school or an educational institution.
  8. You may not be left alone with children but you may still have the opportunity to build a relationship with them and gain thier trust. If they then see you out of school, alone, they see you a person they are safe with.....
  9. Hi, the school will have a form for you to fill out, if you have no intention of finding paid work then it is free, if you want to make a career out of it you will have to pay, the school stills applies for you, as you cannot apply for your own.
  10. Hi there are two ways of getting a role as a teaching assistant, you can go to college and do a course, which depending on the course could involve a couple of hours in classroom and a placement at a school, so trying to get a school placement and CRB is the correct start. When you have six weeks experience of working with children or 30 days then some agencies will try and get paid placements for you. You can do both the course and the agency once you have the required experience working with children.

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