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crb and teaching

Discussion in 'English' started by khughes1987, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. Ok, so I'm going into my third year at uni and need to start applying for pgces and what not, but Im getting a little worried about CRB checks.

    Over fours years ago, i had two cautions in theft, one was just a caution and the second was a conditional caution, both spent and were a year apart from each other. Ive been reading up on CRB and other forums with people with the same issue about this kind of stuff and am still really confused, need some solid advice.

    i know that on an advanced crb check, everything will come up, but because i was living at another residance at the time, im not too sure which residence i put down when i was getting cautioned, will the two cautions really matter that much nearly fives years on now, and will it stop me from getting onto the pgce track and getting a job in teaching in the end.

    i do realise that it does depend on the institution and its better to be upfront about all convictions when asked, however i need some advice because i dont want to waste my time getting on the pgce track if in the end, me being stupid five years ago at 19 is going to stop me from getting a job...

    I am looking at doing primary school teaching, can some one please help me!
  2. marlin

    marlin Star commenter

    You would be better posting this in the Career Clinic forum or Jobseekers - both of which have experts that can give you the correct advice. Start your post with Dear John for the Career Clinc or Dear Theo for Jobseekers. If neither of these is the correct forum they will tell you which is.
  3. This is the main thing- it does depend on the provider/school but, by and large, this shouldn't be an obstacle. I used to work in retail management and we'd have shoplifters issued with cautions, etc. A lot of the time, teenagers/parents would ask about, "s/he wants to work with kids, is this and end to their career already?" The answer from the police was, taking into consideration that a small minority of places wouldn't hire, no, largely, it won't. What they're looking for is that the person presents no danger to children and isn't a career criminal. Speak to your providers but you should be fine.
  4. Hi,

    Of course, you MUST be upfront about all convictions- if you are not you can kiss goodbye to any teaching career if caught. it does depend on the institution- some may see it as a definite 'no', others may wish to concentrate on your suitability for teaching now, regardless of your history. I don't think the fact you were 19 at the time makes any difference, so I wouldn't use that line in an interview/ or when asked about your convictions - at that age you should know better- in fact at the age of the children you wish to teach, you would know your rights and wrongs. My advice would be to brush up on your subject knowledge, get as much experience as you can, and be prepared to write a blimmin' fantastic cover letter/ personal profile to express your passion and want for this job, as you may need this to help justify your position on the course. I personally believe life is too short and everyone should have a second chance, but unfortunately not everyone thinks like I do.

    best of luck for the future.


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