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cradle cap on baby's eyebrows- tips?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by EBC, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. EBC

    EBC Occasional commenter

    hello ladies,
    i'm typing with one hand again so sorry now capital letters [​IMG]
    as i said above, my baby 7 weeks old, has crusty eyebrows. ive googled and it seems to be cradle cap. they can get it on their eyebrows and not on their scalp.
    ive read olive oil, vaseline etc then softly brushing it off. after a bath i think?
    i was wondering what your experiences are? any real life tips and advice?
  2. We have the same problem - nowt on her head, just eyebrows. I put some e45 on it yesterday but assumed eventually it would clear up itself? Not sure really!
  3. Helenholmesuk

    Helenholmesuk New commenter

    Our LO had it when he was first born. The midwife suggested olive oil. I put it on once and it helped remove some of it and the rest just went on it's own.
  4. lucchese

    lucchese New commenter

    My LO had this really badly. It started first as baby acne around 2 weeks. Spread to eyebrows which became crusty at 4 weeks and then to forehead. It got so bad that I went to the doctor who prescribed hydrocortisone cream as he was worried it would get infected. I didn't use this as it was far too strong for a baby so did research on the net and made a paste of water and bicarbonate of soda, painted it on with a pastry brush and left for a good while to dry. I then washed off gently with warm water and cotton wool and it pretty much cleared up of its own accord within a month or so. By 4 months LO had perfect skin again. I would also recommend calendula cream and dentinox cradle cap shampoo which I used for his scalp. The important thing is to keep it under control by moisturising with oil and light combing. E45 did nothing for us.

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