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cracking headache - what can I try

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by anon63, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. I have had a headache now for several days, I went to sleep with it two nights ago and haven't shifted it. I do get headaches but I've never had one which has lasted more than a day. I have had migraines but they are very predictable - wobbly vision, half a day in a bed with searing pain and then a sort of hangover feeling for a day.
    This isn't a migraine, not like any I've had anyway. I also have a urine infection which I'm drinking those revolting sachets for which seems to be fixing it. I am very unhappy about various things which I can't fix right away. So, what do I do with this headache - it's getting me down, making me feel really incapable and I've stopped eating etc as the headache is making me feel so dreadful.
    I took ibuprofen on day one - just a few times. On day two I took ibuprofen and paracatamol (swapping every four hours) during the day, again only taking about 6 tablets in total. That didn't put a dent in it. Today I bought some nurofen migraine ones (with lysine) and I took two of those and went to bed - and woke up with it just as bad.
    Anyone got any suggestions of things to try? I'm in pain and starting to feel quite desperate. I don't think going to see a doctor or anything is worth it as it's new year's eve, I'm not about to die - hopefully! ;-)
  2. Torey

    Torey Occasional commenter

    You can get rebound headaches, so be careful. If you're going to ring NHS direct I'd do is ASAP as they'll get busy soon.
  3. I have been being careful, that's why I haven't taken the maximum dose of anything and I've had long periods without taking anything. I don't think I'll be calling NHS direct as I imagine they'll be pretty useless once they've established I'm not about to drop dead. Just hoping someone had some suggestions for home remedy type things I could try.
  4. Sounds like flu onset alas.
    However, unusually for most, I get headaches that last for days when I get stressed or run down. I take paracetemol and codeine, open the bedroom window and pull blinds right down to block all light then go to sleep.
    Sleeping in cold dark room is only thing that works for me...if it doesnt pass I go for a brisk walk to see if fresh air works. I totally avoid tv, computer, mobile etc as all require fixed concentration.
    If it still hasnt passed go to GP or nearest PCT clinic. Good luck xx

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