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CQ - a favour?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by suz3, Jan 23, 2011.

  1. Re : Paul the octopus

    Is that gold thing inside (last foto) really the dead paul? It uses the word Urne.

    In case you can't see it, (though I'm guessing it got some press coverage over there anyway) I think this is the relevant para (don't know any german)
    & the foto if it works

  2. Sorry, I didn't see this yesterday.
    Yes, it is an urn and they made it into the shape of an octopus and a bit like the trophy (if that makes sense?)
    I am not sure if his ashes are actually inside it - but I can find out for you!

  3. Oh, and it is inside a football which is placed on the corner of a "football pitch" in a special area now called Paul's Corner.
    I keep meaning to go take a look - it is not far away at all.

  4. :) Thanks. When I saw the little gold thing I did wonder - seems a bit grisly but there you go, I like the general idea. I couldn't find much in english.
    Actually it might be easier searching in spanish - will have a look.
  5. yes, loads in spanis. This is one of many.
    so yes, it does contain his ashes. Apparently.

  6. Yes, the ashes are in there...
    "Die kunterbunte Kraken-Kugel in den Farben der WM-Teilnehmer ist im Land
    des Vizeweltmeisters Holland aus Styropor, Holz und Beton angefertigt
    worden. In der Kugel ist unterhalb des Krakenkopfes ein kleines Fenster.
    Dahinter steht eine mit Blattgold verzierte Urne - eine Mischung aus
    Oktopus und WM-Pokal. „Darin befindet sich ein kleines Holzdöschen,
    eigens aus Indonesien, mit Pauls Asche, das sind ungefähr 15 Gramm“,
    sagt Porwoll. Mehr ist vom zwei Kilo schweren Paul nicht übrig
    Inside the gold octopus/trophy, there is a little wooden box made in Indonesia, and his ashes (15g) are in there.

  7. <h3 class="UIIntentionalStory_Message">????????????????
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  8. impis

    impis New commenter

    Silly burgers!!
  9. Oh, but he is Cult here, impis!
  10. and in spain.
    In the first (and only) game since the sad death of Pulpo Paul, spain got humped 4-0 by portugal.


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